Monday, March 24, 2014

Design Wall Monday 3-24-2014

Monday has rolled around after a semi-busy week.  At first I thought I had gotten little done during the week.  Then I went to the studio to take some pictures.  Surprise! Surprise!  I did do a bit that I will show you.

First off I got one of the big sailboats made  Here's what it looks with a few of the little ones around.  Too cute.  I've got the second one half done.  I cut one of the triangles the wrong size.  (Small rant:  I hate it when magazines or patterns don't tell you the size of a sub-unit.  If I had known the triangle for the big boat's sail was to be cut 5 3/4" right off I wouldn't have miscut and then have to figure out what the correct size was.  I prefer to cut my triangles slightly larger and then cut to the exact right size. End of rant.) I'm looking forward to getting the top together and then figuring out the borders.  It's a charity quilt for Project Linus in Columbia, Maryland.  Hopefully it will be done in time to be in the Faithful Circle Quilter's show May 1, 2, and 3.  If you are in the area please plan on attending. In the past we have hung about 300 quilts of every style.  I'll have 5 quilts hung but I've only decided on 2 for sure.  I still need to go through my quilts to see what to include.  Registration deadline is at the end of this month.  

Next up are the napkins I made at an embroidery class I am taking at the local Bernina dealer.  Free class but buying the designs is adding up.  That said I would never have thought to buy a design to embroider the edges of napkins.  But look how cute they are.  I'm hoping I'll have time to make four placemats to go with them and then donate all of it to the local Lions Club's auction at their bull roast in April.  

These new fabrics came in Saturday.  I was surprised to see green again but when I checked their website I saw that this month's were a darker green.  Hum, Not really as dark as I would have thought.  The far left fab is very much the color received in the fall.  I love getting these fabrics each month even if it does shoot the heck out of my fabric usage.  I have 2 more months until I've been with them for a year.  I'll probably cancel in 3 months as I really liked the grays sent the first month I was a member and you can always use a nice gray.  I still have reds and yellows to come.  If you want to join go to and click on Monthly Clubs. 

We've had another small snowstorm since last I wrote.  The one predicted for Tuesday has been downgraded to a rainstorm.  And look what I found this week when the weather hit the 70's!  The forsythia has started blooming but isn't going wild yet.  We moved three bushes this winter so they would have room to spread out and fill in.  I doubt they'll bloom as nicely as they will in years to come.  They might still be a bit shocked that we moved them.  

Take time this week to peruse the design walls across the internet.  Go visit Patchwork Times to find the links. 

Here's a quick look at my goals last week. 
Week of March 17, 2014
Quilt a baby quilt
Make turquoise Color Challenge block
Play on EQ 7 to continue learning the program
Sew Mystery Quilt Blocks together√ in rows
Make sailboat blocks√ Need to finish one
Sew center of sailboat quilt together oops

And here is what I've got planned for this week.  
Week of March 24, 2014
Quilt Jane’s baby quilts (2)
Make a bunny 
Bind my baby quilt
Make sample lotto block for CP
Sew Sailboat Quilt together
Decide and make borders for Sailboat Quilt
Load QOV quilt

We'll see how I do.  I do try hard to focus on what I've put on the list but sometimes I just wander.  Or more likely, I start reading a book and don't spend as much time in the studio.  Not a bad way to spend some time but it doesn't get me through the items I want to get done.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Your sailing boat quilt looks like fun. I agree, it's frustrating when the pattern writer leaves out important information.

  2. I also make my HSTs larger and square them. Love, love, love the sailboats!

    I'd say you did very well at your embroidery class! The table set will be a hit at the auction.

  3. Fabulous sailing boats. And the corner stitched napkins look fantastic! Please send some warmth and blooming to Michigan... they are calling for snow overnight...

  4. Your sailing ships look great. I hate it too when the pattern doesn't tell you what the block parts are supposed to finish to, sometimes my way of making a block is easier, but without the size cutting out the pieces can be a crap shoot.

  5. I love the ships. I have to say that I usually test one block.... and I tend to sew one block at a time. It takes longer but I make less mistakes. I love forsythia. I think its going to be a very long times before I see any around here.

  6. I love the ships. I have to say that I usually test one block.... and I tend to sew one block at a time. It takes longer but I make less mistakes. I love forsythia. I think its going to be a very long times before I see any around here.

  7. The sailboats look so crisp! I know that it's hard to write instructions. Since I generally make scrappy blocks it's not helpful when they say, "Cut 20 strips, 2.5 x 10, from the blue fabric." I'd rather know what to cut for each block. Fortunately I've been piecing blocks long enough that I can generally figure it out. ...... BTW, one of your new FQs is the same design as your blog background. :)

  8. Your napkins are beautiful! And the sailboats are so much fun. The forsythia here is just beginning to bloom.... very, very late!


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