Wednesday, March 4, 2015

15 Minute Spiff Up # 9

What's up this week for the Spiff Up assignment? 

Time to organize and straighten up your desk.  

I've got a pretty big studio with lots of horizontal spaces.  This is one of several desks I can use. For the most part it's used to store projects I'm working on or thinking of working on.  The pile of turquoise fabric and the purples are two different fabric groupings I thought I could use to make a quilt.  To the far right is fabric I'm using for sashing on a quilt and who knows why the black is sitting out too.  

I'm hosting the second annual mini-retreat with my Maryland friends so I have to have the desk cleared so Sharon can put her machine there.  Nothing like a good reason to clean something up!  So things are being put back where they belong.  Pat's favorite saying is a place for everything and everything in its place.  The more forgetful I get the more I agree with him. 

This was a really easy assignment for me.  Most of it was putting fabric away, batting away, a sewing machine away.  But it'll look great when Sharon and Marybeth come to visit.  So sorry Nancy isn't joining us this year.  But hope she starts feeling better after breaking her leg. ARGH! No fun and bad timing to boot! 
So folks.  Pick an extra desk or any horizontal surface in your studio and start putting things away!  By the way, in total honesty, I didn't get too many books listed in my file last week.  Nor did the space get cleaned up.  On the other hand I had weekend company so there wasn't as much available time either. Oh, heck, I just didn't feel like working on the darn books!  Maybe I'll get a bit more done on them in the next week or two.  Hope you join me "Spiffing Up" this week! Now, what should I plan for next week?  Any suggestions? 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. No desk and not many horizontal surfaces in my sewing room - cutting table, ironing station and sewing cabinet.

    Have fun at the mini retreat!

  2. I only have a little secretary desk in my sewing room besides the one that has the sewing machine on it. The little desk stays pretty clean because the lap top will not fit if there is anything else on it. I did some putting away and organizing of my books last week. Still have bunches to do there.

  3. No desk in my studio, but the one in the home office needs a 15-minute spiff up.

  4. Hall desk is spiffed although some of the papers are stacked on a spare bed. They will NOT be going back to the desk! ;^)

  5. Hall desk is done but some of the paper fallout is now stacked on the spare bed. :( It will NOT be going back to the desk! ;^)


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