Monday, March 30, 2015

Design Wall Monday 3-30-2015

A quick blog post this morning.  I have several things I want to get done this week and I need to stay focused -- none of that raccoon stuff for me.  Oooh -- new fabric I could.... or look at this interesting quilt I bet I could find the pattern on the Internet.  You know what distracts you.  Sometimes I think everything distracts me.  

So here are two things I've been working on.  First is 5 of what I hope will end up being 10 or so disappearing 4 patch blocks.  I'm glad to see they look bright because they are suppose to be.  I got to thinking about whether it made sense to make these by cutting up the four patches or just cutting the fabric the sizes used in each location. Well, duh, of course these are way faster -- you cut way less pieces that way than need to be sewn.  Hum, wait, I still cut things apart.  Maybe it isn't... ack, here I am distracted again.  Someone else let me know if this is a faster way to make these blocks.  I really like how they've turned out.  

Next up is a quilt I finished this week.  It will be going to St. Francis NICU.  I love these blocks. It was my turn to have blocks made and sent to me by the FCQEquilters.  Since it was January and I was listing all my UFOs I decided to ask everyone to make one of two different blocks but to not go wild and make tons of them.  I wanted to use up what I had left of these happy blocks and mark something off of my UFO list.  This was the first one I finished.  I've got enough blocks for two more and then I'll be marking this as done and off the UFO list. 

I couldn't resist showing a little bit of the forsythias blooming in the foreground. It has taken so long for spring to come and heck, it still is hitting freezing overnight here. These quilts make up quickly and are so easy.  You can see directions by visiting Mary Quilts for full directions.  Check around Mary Quilts as she has directions for many other quilts too. 

On to my weekly goals. I did really well on the goals this past week.  I've been staying somewhat focused so that has helped. 
Week of March 23, 2015
Seriously work on Secret Project√ it’s further along
Finish quilting Christmas Embroidery top that will be raffled at the Women’s Club spring luncheon.
Finish 2 more log cabin blocks and put them away for later finishing… √ away they went, sadly
Begin organizing scraps for Bonnie Hunter classes!

And, here's what's coming up this week.
Week of March 30, 2015
Finish Secret Project if possible…
Bind Christmas Embroidery top that will be raffled at the Women’s Club spring luncheon
Put borders on the antique quilt
Finish getting all fabric and supplies ready to go to Maryland

That's it for me.  Don't forget to stop by Patchwork Times and Monday Makes at Love Laugh Quilt to visit other blogs that are sharing quilting successes this week. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Oooh, I love those blocks and the finished UFO - the colors are "happy" and make me smile. No blooms here yet, but things are starting grow.

  2. luv that four/nine patch. :)

  3. The disappearing 4-patch is way quicker the way you did it than cutting all the small pieces and sewing them, IMHO. This way is more accurate for me too. I really like the way they look.


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