Monday, March 9, 2015

Design Wall Monday 3 - 9 - 2015

What a great weekend!  MaryBeth and Sharon came down Wednesday evening because of forecasted snow on Thursday and that meant we had 3 full days to sew.  And, boy did we.  Here are some of the quilts we worked on. 

These are all MB's work except the little finished baby quilt that is mine.  (Yea, finished including the label!)  And, the same quilts from the other angle. 

And how about a good shot of the star quilt?  It's a Bonnie Hunter one but I can't remember the name.  And, no, she didn't do all of it this past weekend.  But she got it to the top stage. 
In between this stitching Ruthie was doing her part.  I quilted the little baby quilt and MB quilted the 1600 quilt.  

Sharon was also working away on projects.  This picture doesn't do the colors justice.  Needless to say it is a beautiful top. 

This is an easy pineapple block that Sharon and I learned a few years ago. Sharon got all the blocks finished and added the sashing. (No, she didn't do all of it here but I know she was still making blocks when she started working on it here.)  I hope I get a photo of it after she puts the borders on.  The flower print which is the center square is going to make this quilt sing! 

Saturday we went out to a local quilt store trying to find some interesting fabrics.  I picked up one more black on black to finish the log cabin blocks.  I had several in works when I checked how many I needed for my main project.  Way more than I needed! Since there were 10 extras done and more in the works, I decided I could make 10 more and have enough for an extra quilt. Those are almost done so I'll be making progress on the final blocks... yep, I'm not telling much about them just yet.  Just that I do something to each of the blocks.  Te first one I tried looked great and it was pretty easy to do. More to come in the future. 

As all good things must, our in-house retreat came to an end late Sunday morning.  The machines were packed away and MB and Sharon headed home to the snow and the prospect of having to go to work.  I headed to my chair and took a big nap.  I was totally pooped out.  But must say I was so pleased with the progress I made.  I got another donation quilt top done.  It needs to be trimmed before it can be quilted but I am happy with how it looked and how easy it was.  

Ruthie has lots of quilts waiting for me to load on her so she can do her thing.  I still have a big quilt that I need to buy the backing for and batting.  Tomorrow I'm heading out to buy at least the batting, who knows, I might even find a backing too. 

Here's what I got done last week: 
Week of March 2, 2015
Finish Wild Dog; prep backing√ except the backing
Continue on the log cabin blocks
Have fun with an in house quilt retreat with Sharon and Mary Beth! √√√

Sew the strippy quilt to top stage
And what I'll be doing this week: 
Week of March 9, 2015
Prep Wild Dog Backing
Finish the log cabin blocks and begin next step
Quilt something on Ruthie
Continue to work on listing books in Excel

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. What a great way to get through the snowy weather! You all were productive. Great quilts!!

  2. It's always more fun to work with friends. Glad you had such a fun and productive weekend.

    I'm trying a new email address for commenting. Nancy - Wyoming Breezes

  3. Thank you for the very colorful quilt pictures.
    Marybeth's red,white, and blue, top is called Smith Mountain Morning designed by Bonnie K. Hunter of, and it's a beauty!

  4. Bonnie, we had such a great time. Love ya, girl!!!

  5. What fun to sew with friends!
    I've a retreat and then Sew Day and Sewstrvaganza back to back, making a total of 7 days of sewing with friends. I suspect when I get home on Sunday I will have to have a nap! Then I might not sew for a few days.
    All the quilts are lovely, and how great to have the longarm to make a change from piecing.


  6. Sounds like you had lots of fun this weekend. Thanks for sharing all the eye candy.


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