Monday, March 2, 2015

Design Wall Monday -- 3-2-2015

I'm  so done with winter!  How about you?  We had another snow storm and then just to make sure we didn't get lonely for crummy cold weather we had sleet yesterday morning.  This week we're going to see the 60's during the day and then plummet down to below freezing.  Here's our forecast: sunnny, rainy, rainy and snowy. That's today through Thursday.  ENOUGH!

Here's as far as I've gotten on the Wild Dog Quilt. It may not look all that differently but the first blue border is on. I've still got two more borders to sew on.  Hopefully I'll get those done this week.  I'm making progress on my log cabin quilt too.  I didn't do a whole lot of sewing this week but those are the two I worked on along with finishing the quilt for TAPS. I'll take photos when the weather warms up and post them.  

The weather was ok so a group of us could go to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival on Friday. We were very happy we hadn't planned to go on Thursday as more snow fell and it would have been a mess getting there. Luckily by Friday the roads were clear.  Although I did spend some time seeing the quilts I can't deny that I spent more time looking at the vendors.  I needed to buy thread for my long arm so that was my big purchase.  

I like to check the vendors for new products and I found something something that struck my fancy.  Evidently this product came out in the last year.  After watching the demo I purchased Quilter Ruler Update Kit.

The kit provides material to update two rulers: a 24" ruler and a 12" ruler.  This picture shows what is to be used on the 12" ruler as I already updated my 24".  The "stuff" on the brown paper is thin, long strips of plastic that is put on the long sides of the ruler.  The yellow piece attaches to the underside of the ruler and is moved for the size of cut you want to make. Here's what it looks like in use. 
It is designed so that fabric snugs up against the yellow piece. The strips on both long edges holds the ruler up and when you press your ruler as you cut, it makes the ruler very steady.  It worked really well yesterday when I cut out a strippy quilt.  No moving and messing up your cutting. The one thing that might get annoying is having to move the yellow part to the size of strip you are cutting. My guess is if I'm cutting a whole quilt out and making multiple cuts for each size it'll be great.  If I'm just trying to do a quick cut of one strip... well, the other 24" ruler might be coming out.  

If you get to one of the big quilt shows check this product out.  I'll let you know how I like it as I continue to use it.  You can see what it is all about by checking the website for Guidelines 4 Quilting

And on to the weekly goals. Finally, a week where I got several things done and every item was moved forward! 
Week of February 23, 2015
Finish quilting r, w, b quilt
Make binding for r, w, and b quilt.
Finish Wild Dog Borders  well the 1st border is done
Attend Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

Week of March 2, 2015
Finish Wild Dog; prep backing
Continue on the log cabin blocks
Have fun with an in house quilt retreat with Sharon and Mary Beth! 
Sew the strippy quilt to top stage

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Did you manage not to buy any fabric at the quilt show? Quilts Inc. (Houston) is coming to Chicago at the end of March. I may not be able to keep my no-buy resolve....

  2. Hmm, the ruler looks interesting, but fussy. I'm curious to hear your impressions after you use it awhile.

    A big storm is predicted here tonight and all day tomorrow. I'm ready for winter to depart!

  3. I am so done with winter. I hope the weather is good later this week so I can go to the quilt show in NJ. Nice dog quilt.

  4. The dog quilt is adorable and naughty and clever and just so much fun!!!
    I am done with Winter too. Another big storm tomorrow, though.
    Thank you for your comment on my "Blush & Bashful".
    I will happily name your quilts for you :-)

  5. Love the Doggy quilt! We had snow today that I guess you are getting tomorrow. I'm ready for spring!


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