Monday, May 4, 2015

Design Wall Monday 5-4-2015

Last week seemed to fly by.  All my studio time (for the most part) was focused on quilting on Ruthie.  I finished a big queen sized quilt by Thursday.  I was pleased with myself to stay so focused on it that I actually got it done earlier than I planned.

Then I loaded another quilt for a customer and I'm almost done with it.  I don't usually like using variegated thread.  Most times it just doesn't show up.  But I had the perfect variegated thread for this little quilt so we decided to use it.  I am tickled that it is sewing with very little problems. (Update: I wrote that first thing this am but didn't get the blog finished. I am having thread breaks 2 and 3 times a row.  No fun!)  Sometimes Ruthie gets finicky about what thread I use on her.  I thought it was great but now I realize the thread is breaking more than it should.  This particular cotton just doesn't seem all that strong.  

Here's what I've been quilting over the past week. 
This was made by the Country Piecemakers.  We will be having a luncheon in July to honor some local veterans and give them a quilt.  I quilted this one with Flying Stars Chevron panto.  Boy, did it use a lot of thread and it isn't a really dense design.  
This is a little strippy quilt I made in early March as a donation to the NICU at a local hospital.  It was very easy to cut and piece.  My only issue was the design I chose for the black stripe was too dense.  But it is a really cute design that you can't even see here.  
Here's a corner of Mary's Mystery of Powhatan which we did at the guild last year abut this time.  This pattern came out HUGE.  We had no idea how big it was going to be going into the class.  Mine is a finished top but I'm waiting to have time and a big backing for it.  Below is a close up. 

You can see the leaf pattern, Creeping Fig in the navy blue.  I have an 18" long arm and most of the time with big quilts I have to take them off the frame and turn them.  I was really careful to keep the take up roll with the finished quilt on it tightly rolled and I didn't have to turn the quilt.  This thing weighs a ton.  It will be nice to cuddle under during the winter, that's for sure.  

That's it for what I have been working on.  Not all of these were done last week but they have been done since mid April. 

Here's what the goals looked like last week:
Week of April 27, 2015
Load and quilt Mary’s quilt
Continue working on Love Shack√ not much but a little
Figure out Christmas table runner Oops… didn’t work  on it at all.
Make binding and apply to penguin donation quilt

And this week: 
Week of May 4, 2015
Finish customer’s baby quilt on Ruthie
Cut out Galaxy quilt and attend class
Spend time helping Kevin
Get Love Shack to top
Have fun with Sharon visiting this weekend 

I'm late posting this but you can see other blog posts this week by going to Patchwork Times and Love Laugh Quilt.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. What great finished quilts!

    I can't imagine manhandling a huge quilt around on Ruthie, but I'm sure you have it down to a science.

  2. Great quilts...... Especially liked the first one........... That looks like a great block.....

    You are finishing quite a bit..........

  3. My first time visiting your blog. You seem so well-organized. I just fly by the seat of my pants or don't fly at all! But you seem to have gotten more done in a week than I get to in a month, so there's that! Thanks letting me see what organization looks like, I'll be back to visit.

  4. I like the RWB stars -- is that a skinny sashing between the blocks? Sets them off nicely.

  5. You keep making progress on your goals each week. Both star quilts are beautiful.

  6. the rw&b is so pretty. I've found on my Innova that when the thread starts breaking it usually helps to go up a needle size.

  7. The RWB is beautiful. I think I've only turned a quilt once, do you have red snappers to make it easier to do? Sometimes I think it's got to be easier turning rather than doing a small section and moving in the frame. Thread breaks are definitely no fun, if the bigger needle size doesn't help, what about loosen tension on the top?


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