Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Meandering 4 - 17 - 2017

A Wild Hair . . . 

Ok, I admit it.  I had a wild hair on Thursday afternoon. Earlier, I was beginning to get the house ready to have the family over on Easter Sunday.  And, I looked for an appropriate "springy" table runner.  Christmas √, Fall √, July 4th √.  And that was the end of the table runners.  Mostly dark things.  

Then I went to my quilt group Thursday morning and someone shared a catalog from Shabby Fabrics.  Ohh, there were so many things I liked. It is a beautiful catalog with lots of fun kits, mostly appliqué using laser cut pieces.  And then I saw this kit:

Nothing really exciting but it was springy and pretty.  My little brain started planning and scheming.  First, I have tons of fabric so who needs a kit?  Then, I thought, I borrowed Nancy's log cabin Go Die and I haven't even tried it yet.  Then, I thought, 3 and a 1/2 days -- I could get 3 12" blocks made, pieced, quilted and bound in that amount of time.  I'll take a look when I get home. 

You know where this is going don't you? 

The finished product.  Ok, I admit it; I did goof off more than I should have. I had to do the binding on Sunday morning before singing at church.  Thank goodness we sing at the 11 am service not the 9:30 service.  It was done and on the table before I got ready to go. Phew, made it in the nick of time.

The thread is a YLI variegated although you can't tell on the finished product. Batting is a leftover piece of Pellon 60 Cotton/40 Poly.  The digital design is specific to log cabin blocks by My Creative Stitches.  I bought it some time ago but didn't have a use for it until this week.  That might have been why I knew I could get this done in the allotted time.  Except, it took a bit of trial and error to get the correct placement. I'll try to remember to show some pictures of it on the table sometime this week. 

On to my goals.  Well you know what I spent most of my time on this week! 

April 10, 2017
Make more pouches√
Finish the last of the boxes
Make some Stack N Whack√
Cut more fabrics for Hands 2 Help quilt√
Cut and make multicolored RSC blocks

Well not the most successful week because of that little trip off of my goal's list.  But not too bad. (Do you see why I have a goal list every week?) 

April 17, 2017
Knit on Jenny’s scarf
Organize and give a small trunk show
Organize projects for weekend sewing
Continue cutting fabric for Hands 2 Help Quilt (I need over 400 and I think I’m at 130 or so….)
Make the rest of Stack N Whack blocks and sew together

Make more pouches (I think I only need 5 more…)

So, let me explain some of my goals.  Jenny and I are going to Natalie's preschool at Univ. of Maryland to present a small trunk show to a class that is studying quilts. We are each showing about 5 quilts and parts of quilts to the class.  The fun thing about the classes at UMD is the kids choose the subjects each quarter.  So, we know the kids will be interested but we don't want to make it too long so they get bored.  I'm still choosing what to bring.  

I'll be staying with Jenny from Wednesday to Friday morning.  On Friday after everyone goes to work and school I'll drive up to Sharon's house and have a mini sewing weekend. She is always gracious when I beg to visit her. I'll head back home early Sunday afternoon.  (Hum, I might want to review that time frame as that is the end of some school's Easter break and traffic on the I 95 corridor might be beastly.) 

I'm linking up with my regular linky parties. Monday Making, Moving It Forward Monday and Main Crush Monday (on Tuesdays for a bit.) Enjoy some down time by visiting some of these sites -- it's a great way to get inspiration. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Can't beat a log cabin for versatility! Very springy, indeed.

  2. I like your scrappy blocks better than those in the photo. Nice quilting, too! Have fun with your quilt presentation!

  3. What a pretty project! love the fabric. But what I really like is your fabulous machine quilting! very nice!

  4. Love your table runner. Perfect for Easter!

  5. Well done - I love your table runner!

  6. A very fun and pretty project. Just in time works. Enjoy your field trip!

  7. Just beautiful. Well done using your fabric, colour choices are just lovely and the quilting sets it off well.

  8. I love a good log cabin project. Our project last night at quilt class was a LC block and all my students loved it. You did exactly what us quilters do when we need something - we just whip it up! Your table runner looks perfect for spring and Easter, and I'm glad you had fun making it. Thanks for sharing it on MCM!


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