Saturday, April 29, 2017

RSC Report April

This month the Rainbow Scrap Challenge was to use multicolored fabrics instead of a particular color like red or purple.  Hum, I'm thinking I want my finished product to look rainbowish.  (Yes, I do make up words when necessary!) After some deliberation I decided I would pull multicolored fabrics that would read as a color.  So I came up with a green block, a turquoise block and a purple/pink block.  (Yes, you do see a frog on the left side of the green block. I thought he looked cute there.) 
When I was working on my OMG for April I found a nice piece of white Kona.  I had even cut some of it to use in the Stack N Whack but white didn't really work with the fabric.  So this find was a bonus as I have enough to make a lap quilt with these center braids.  A win-win situation.  I will be using up a nice hunk of fabric plus I'm not buying any new fabric for this scrap quilt. 

Here's a few blocks laid out according to the pattern instructions.  It's another on point pattern. (Ugh, I thought I had sworn off on point designs after having done several in a row!)  You can see the pattern in this post
I haven't figured out how I want to lay these out.  I was thinking I would run them in rainbow color order.  Maybe.  When I have more blocks made I'll think about that.   I haven't been making many blocks in each color so more blocks may be needed to do that.  So far I really like this project.  And, I'm still participating after 4 months.  Hopefully, I'll have a quilt done by the end of this year.  Time will tell. 

I'm off to work on my April OMG.  I only have the last border to cut and put on. I might be done with that by the end of today.  

I'm linking up with Scrap Happy Saturday from last week.  If a new one is posted for today I'll add a link there. I'm linked with 4/30 party.  Enjoy seeing what others are doing with their RSC blocks.

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie   


  1. Such pretty blocks and so spring-inspired! Love that froggy one!

  2. Great idea for using multi-colored fabrics! They are so hard to put together when they have other colors. This white and braid quilt is going to be really cute!

  3. Best of luck with your April OMG and I'm SEW glad that you are still having fun with your RSC project. Such a good feeling to use up some scraps!!

  4. The small braid blocks are adorable and will look great in that pattern.

    I have an on-point project in the works, and I keep putting it off.

  5. The blocks are such a clever way R to use multis to make an overall color. They really shine against the white. Looking forward to seeing more blocks.

  6. That's a really nice design and I do like your blog header.


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