Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Meandering 4 - 3 - 2017

Long time readers will remember that I am a member of a bee group called FCQ Equilters.  The members were all members of Faithful Circle Quilters in Maryland.  We have all moved away from the area but 7 of us joined together to make blocks for each other.  We each have our turn requesting block(s) from the others.  Irma threw us all for a loop when she gave us a tangram challenge.  Here's what a tangram should look like.  

Irma gave us directions to draw the tangram on freezer paper starting with a 12" block.  We were to cut it apart and when we ironed it on our fabric we had to add our 1/4" seam allowance.  UGH.  I drew the pieces and cut them out.  I tried to draw a block. Double UGH.  I put it on my goal list nearly every week in March.  But last week I decided it was time to actually DO something. 

We were told to use solid fabrics. I turned to an old children's book, The Crystal Apple by Beverly Brodsky McDermott for color inspiration.

The colors on the page are so vibrant and WOW that I grabbed similar colors from my stash to give it a try.  I thought I might have to try more than one block to get it to work but, no I had success on my first block. Yea!

Here is the assortment ready to be cut. Irma recommended we add the 1/4" as we cut out the pieces.  It worked great for me as long as I remembered to leave a decent space between each piece.

Here's my first layout.  I found the dark green just overpowered the light pink.

So I replaced it with a lighter green and turned the lighter orange block around. And, yes, I did inset those seams.  I was pretty happy with the results overall.

Here's the most surprising thing -- Pat loved this block.  He thinks it is modern and the colors are bold.  WHAT? He likes modern and bold?  You'd never guess that if you saw our living room. I may have to make a modern and bold quilt for our bed.  But, that will be months, let's be honest, YEARS away. 

This will be going in the mail next week along with my block for the FCQ EQuilters since I'm up in May. 

So, how did I do on my goals this week?  Well you know one thing is definitely checked off! 
March 27, 2017
Make more pouches√ at least I prepped more
Continue cutting fabric for Hands 2 Help Quilt
Continue knitting on Natalie’s hat√ done except tassle
Make tangram block
Plan quilting for A Tisket, A Tasket quilt NO Ideas yet

And, now, what to do this week. 

April 3, 2017
Make more pouches
Make 6 folding boxes
Knit additional rows on Jenny’s scarf
Continue cutting fabric for Hands 2 Help Quilt
Make more blocks for stripe challenge quilt
Finish red RSC blocks and begin multicolored ones
Plan April OMG quilt

This is a bit longer than my normal weekly list but several items are pretty easy to get done.  And, honestly, I need to plan some finishes for this month.  

I'm linking up with my normal blogs Monday Making and Main Crush Monday. Wait, I couldn't find my link on MCM last week.  No cute bunny amongst the thumb nails.  I could have SWORN I linked up last week.  Oh well.  Take a few minutes to see what's happening in studios around the world.

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Your block is interesting -- but what I'd like to see is how your friend combines all the tangram blocks.

  2. Very challenging. A+ for the inset seams!

  3. Well done! I like the colors and the design. Like Nann, I hope your friend shares how she uses the blocks she receives.

  4. Love the block, but clueless about a tangram. Sounds like an extreme form of paper piecing...oh no. May be you can show me, when you come to the show in Chantilly in June.

  5. Such a pretty, modern (hehe!) block!!! Love your colors. Great inspiration idea--from a picture book.

  6. That's a pretty complicated block. Your version turned out beautifully! Good luck with your April goals.

  7. That really is different from what I think of as a "Bonnie" quilt. But I like it -- Y seams and everything!!


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