Saturday, April 22, 2017

Travels in Maryland

Do you read Wyoming Breezes written by Nancy?  Several times she's shown Little Free Library boxes.  I'd never seen any until this week.  Right next to Natalie's preschool on the grounds of Univ. of Maryland were these two. Daughter Jenny says she's seen them around town.  I have't seen any but I'll keep looking. 
A Little Free Library at CYC at Univ. of Maryland

Natalie picking a book from the children's Little Free Library by CYC  at Univ. of  Maryland.
I don't have photos from the "trunk" show for the kids in the preschool.  Jen and I shared about 25 quilts from very small (6" x 7" all the way to twin bed size.)  Jen asked the teacher who was taking pictures to forward some to me.  Hopefully I'll have some to share eventually. 

After the trunk show we went over to the Music School to attend Maryland Opera Studio Opera Al Fresco. Before we got to the building we saw this van.  This is used by the marching band.  Jen said it was funded by a Go Fund Me account. 

We sat on the main staircase in Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center to see (and hear!) scenes from operas.  Wow!  I was so impressed with these first and second year graduate students.  They did such a professional job on all of their performances.   
Orlando by G. F. Handel, libretto by Capece.  Performers were Zarah Brock, Allysa Packard, and Louisa Waycott. 
Unfortunately all the scenes were in other languages (Italian and German, I think.)  But a nice synopsis was given before each scene so you could follow along pretty well. The students did a great job both with the singing and the "acting" part.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Although I'm not an opera enthusiast I've enjoyed many an opera where Jenny has been in the orchestra or, like this, she wanted to support a friend. I'm not sure I'll get to another one anytime soon but UMd has a great opera department. 

I'm up at Sharon's now.  I'm working through her stash of blues, greens and turquoise to get squares for my Scrappy Stars quilt.  She's happy to move out some fabric.  I'm happy because she has a really deep stash in those colors.  It's a win-win situation.  Here's my little sample layout.  I keep auditioning fabrics to make sure they look ok.  I've already eliminated a fabric that was blue on beige.  It stuck out like a sore thumb. (Those  two spaces that look like solid cream are actually the flannel of the design wall.) 

I'm linking up with Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? and Finished or Not Friday.  Take some time this weekend to enjoy some eye candy.  I've already seen one quilt that has caught my eye.  I may have to add it to my maybe someday I'll make file.  

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 



  1. Your scrappy stars are going to gorgeous, beautiful blues, so calming.

  2. I love the Free Little Libraries that you discovered, especially the one that is the perfect height for little ones to select books - genius!

    Have fun playing with fabric. I love the colors you've selected so far.


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