Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Meanderings 4 - 10 - 2016

Here's what I've been working on: 

I won some of these blocks from a block of the quarter drawing from Faithful Circle Quilters in Maryland. 
There were 2 12" blocks, 4 9" and 1 8" block that didn't make the picture.  This was a stripe challenge.  Most of them were browns, rust, greens and cream or grey.  I've made most of my blocks with the teal/turquoise because of the one block on the left that was bordered in teal.  Check back to this blog to see the purple stripe block I made. (Sometimes it helps to actually attend the meetings because I'm pretty sure there was no stated color plan for this!) 

I've been making blocks off and on since the beginning of the year.  I've purchased a beige fabric to go around (between?) the blocks. I might need to do some brown/rust/beige ones but, honestly, I don't think I have any stripe fabric with too much of the other colors.  Eventually, I'll have enough to make a lap quilt of some sort with these.  I've add these blocks to my to do list for a while so after maybe another 7 or 8 blocks I'll be ready to figure out how to place them into a quilt.  

I've also been making these cute zippered pouches.  Sharon and I will be making enough to give to our fellow retreaters in May.  She's already finished 15 and I'm at the 11 mark with fabric and zippers at the ready for at least 4 more. (The FCQ retreat will have 29 participants! Yikes.)  Any extra ones we make we'll donate to the $10 and under table at the 2018 quilt show.  It's a win-win for sure.  I'm having a lot of fun picking fabrics.  Here are two of my favorites:

The dog fabric was used on a professional tote for Aimee. (It had fingerprints on the outside and the dogs were on the inside.)  The foxes were the backing for Theo's quilt.  No doubt I'm going to keep one of these as I just think they are way too cute.  The pattern is Bridget's Baguettes by Atkinson Design.  This is surprisingly easy to make.  Once you have your fabric, interfacing, fusible batting and plastic cut and prepared it only takes about an hour of sewing time. (Yep, it's all of the prep work that takes the most time.  And, picking cute fabric pairs.)  You'll see it is still on my weekly goals.  I'm getting close to the number needed so I should be able to move on to other things soon.  

Speaking of goals -- how did I do this past week?  Not bad. I admit I've been goofing off a bit recently.

April 3, 2017
Make more pouches
Make 6 folding boxes
Knit additional rows on Jenny’s scarf√ started
Continue cutting fabric for Hands 2 Help Quilt
Make more blocks for stripe challenge quilt
Finish red RSC blocks and begin multicolored ones not yet!
Plan April OMG quilt

And this week . . . 
April 10, 2017
Make more pouches
Finish the last of the boxes
Make some Stack N Whack blocks
Cut more fabrics for Hands 2 Help quilt
Cut and make multicolored RSC blocks
Make more stripe blocks

So that's it for me this week.  I'm linking up with my favorite Monday links Monday Making, Main Crush Monday (that is moving to Tuesday -- I'm not sure if it is a permanent move or a short term move. I'll link with it tomorrow), and Moving It Forward Monday.  Be sure to take a few minutes to check out these blogs for some great inspiration. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. The zippered pouches are adorable - you chose some great fabrics.

    It should be fun to play with an arrangement for the quilt blocks.

  2. Very cute zippered bags. I'd definitely be keeping one, but how are you going to pick which one? I'm not sure I could.

  3. I like the idea of a stripe challenge and I think the blocks you have up there look great. I think it's hard to find nice striped fabric. I usually find mine in the form of gently-used men's shirts at the thrift store.

  4. I love making zipper pouches, and yours are so cute. That fox fabric is sooooo fun!


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