Wednesday, November 4, 2020

To Do Tuesday!

Once again, I'm late to the party!  I was hoping to get my goals posted yesterday but, yea, that didn't happen, again.  So this will be my last post on goals separate from my normal Monday post.  I'll put all my goals there like I used to do. But, I'll be linking that post up with To Do Tuesday so we can see what's going on with goals across the internet. Now, the big issue will I remember this decision next week when I write my normal Monday post?  Ah the joys of getting older!

Here's what I wanted to do this past week.


Continue to work on Cheese and Cracker nope

Quilt and bind one of my quilts✔️

Plan and begin cutting baby quilt✔️ design done 

Make more trees for landscape quilt  nope

Start another basket in purple (it's going to be a different style.) I didn’t even think of this one 

Not the best results but if I had said continue to work on the snowball quilt I would have had another dark check mark! I'm not sure why I said Cheese and Cracker when I had 42 snowball blocks all over the design wall and I couldn't lay out the C&C blocks.  Sigh. Maybe this coming week will be better. So here goes this week. 


Design t shirt quilt and begin cutting and stabilizing 

Finish sewing snowball blocks together

Get going on baby quilt

Finish adding “stuff” to landscape quilt 

That doesn't sound like all that much -- we'll see whether I actually get everything on there done. (And, it'll have to be done by Sunday night when I normally write my Monday blog.) 

Did you wear your pearls in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg yesterday?  She was such an advocate for women.  I knew I wasn't going anywhere yesterday so didn't pull them out.  But while watching tv last night I grabbed a couple of strings and added the wine glass for interest... and maybe a small sip or two.  (Hubby came out of a Zoom meeting soon after I took the picture and downed the glass knowing I most likely wouldn't have drunk it anyway.) 

Yes, I have several strands of pearls some given to me and some inherited from my mom.  Mom always called the blue irregular shape pearl Biwa pearls. In the picture above they are the darker strand.  You can read about Biwa pearls here. I learned a lot about them. I don't know if any of my pearls are Mikimoto pearls but they could be.  Part of the reason Mom and I both had lots of pearls is my dad was in the Navy.  He had many tours of duty on ships that visited Japan.  Thus we received pearl jewelry over several years. My first pearls are small and short which fit me perfectly as a preteen to teen. Now I like the bigger and longer pearls.  When we were going places I used to wear pearls fairly frequently.  Now, they can grace the table with a glass of wine.  If you have pearls, do you still wear them?  

Back to actually quilting so hear are my normal linkups: To Do Tuesday and Midweek Makers. Go have some fun seeing what folks are working on this week! 

Happy Quilting All, Bonnie 


  1. I inherited a pearl pendant/pin from my Mom. It was given to her by my brother after he visited Japan while in the Army. I rarely wear it, but it’s lovely.

  2. I didn't realize it was a thing to wear pearls yesterday, or I would have pulled mine out! I never liked pearls when I was younger, but grew to love them and gifted myself several strands about 10 years ago. I love the nubbly texture of some of the newer, farmed ones. When we dress up for anything fancy, I wear a strand or two. Those occasions are few and far between, especially these days.

  3. Hi Bonnie! I was so annoyed that I couldn't comment from work for the last two days. Posting your list is never too late! HAHAHA! If you forget next week, I'll have to visit on Monday and tell you to edit your post (remember?!). That's if I remember. I just turned 62 - it's all downhill, I hear. Well, doggone. I have a really nice strand of pearls. Hmm. I wonder where it is, but I wished I would have thought to wear them for RBG. Maybe I'll just start wearing them everyday. I recall that wearing them improves the shine or aura for the skin oils? Something like that. Thanks again for linking up this week and good luck on your list items. ~smile~ Roseanne


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