Friday, January 28, 2022

First UFO Challenge Finished!

I joined the American Patchwork and Quilting UFO Challenge this year.  The last quilt I wrote on my list was the first one chosen.   I listed it as a sail boat quilt.  I had some leftover sailboat material I had made into snowballs.  I also had a grouping of lighthouses, seashells, and seaweed fabrics left over from a friend's quilt.  From the tossed lighthouse fabric I made some more snowballs.  And then, I got involved with a different project and put all of the blocks and fabric away.  Which is the condition it was in when #12 was pulled at the beginning of the month. 

You can see how it looked when I pulled it out and blogged about it on the Jan. 3rd. And, I showed it again on Jan. 10th.  But at that point I hadn't decided where the lighthouses should be.  I often share pictures of my works in progress with my friend Sharon.  And when I sent her a picture similar to the one on the 10th, she suggested I place the lighthouses between row 2 and 3.  Brilliant! With that in mind I kept working.  It was easy to sew the sections of the lighthouse fabric together. A final border of the same yellow as the sashing was added and it was ready to quilt. (I used up all of that light yellow fabric which one reason the border is the same size as the sashing!

I decided I would actually finish it rather than just leave it as a top. Thanks to Marlyn who gave me a leftover piece of navy blue that I added to a leftover piece of brighter blue swirl fabric I could make the backing.

Ruthie the long arm worked well and I finished it in a day.  I used Fern Gully, one of my go to patterns.  Then it was on to binding.  There was enough of the navy blue to make a nice frame for the quilt.  I sew my binding to the back of the quilt by machine.  And then pull it forward to sew it again with machine.  It is much faster than hand stitching and holds up better.  

It was finished this afternoon.  Unfortunately, it's been so darn cold out I didn't want to take any outdoor shots.  Here's the finished quilt on my design wall.  The beige sashing on top and below the lighthouses is the seaweed fabric. 

I did a great job using up all of the sailboat fabric but there is a bit of the  lighthouses left and some other smaller pieces of the go with fabrics. I'm really pleased with the finished product.  

We won't know the next quilt to work on until Tuesday.  I may pull out one of the quilts that is more involved to finish and move it forward.  Then switch to whatever quilt comes next.  

We were at our local butcher's shop this week.  Look what Pat found.  I just had to take a photo to share. It's hard to read the label but it says Napa Valley Quilt.  It's a cabernet sauvignon.  And it was fairly pricy: $28.00 a bottle.  Nope, didn't bring one home. 

I'm hoping the big snow storm moving up the East Coast doesn't dump a bunch of snow on us.  But watch out everybody north of DC.  It's heading your way with a lot of snow.  

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That's it for tonight.  I hope you can visit some of these blogs and see what folks are working on these days. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Looks great! The yellow background and navy binding make the blocks "pop"!
    Congrats on your first UFO completion in 2022!

  2. i do like your quilt a lot and that seaweed fabric is perfect...sets off those blocks nicely...good job!

  3. you passed up that wine! lol I would too at that price and leave it for someone who would appreciated it more - when I do get wine I don't spent much. The row of lighthouses looks perfect where it is!

  4. Friends helping friends, isn't it wonderful! Congrats on the wonderful finish.

  5. I often ask my sister and niece for ideas, too. They have become my quilt consultants. Great finish on the lighthouse quilt.

  6. Your quilt turned out great! Makes me want to Dif out my lighthouse fabric...LOL!!

  7. Eeeek! That little quilt turned out so cute!! How clever and effective to snowball the feature fabrics yet dedicate a whole row to the dancing lighthouses!! I love it! Way to go!!


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