Sunday, January 16, 2022

Monday Meanderings 1 - 17 - 2022

It was a great week when I look at my goals.  I thought I had put too much on the goals list last week but surprise, surprise I pretty much finished everything by Friday.  Here's a refresher on what was planned for last week.


Start first round of SAHRR 

Work on Sail boat quilt (January UFO)

Make RSC blocks, mystery block You can see them here

Make backing for Happy Blocks It's already loaded on Ruthie

Make more ombre blocks

Add Go dies to online list 

And, with such a successful last week I'm going to push myself this week.  


Do 2nd round of SAHRR

Quilt and bind my Happy Block quilt top

Finish Sailboat top (January UFO) 

Make more ombre blocks 

Keep making Happy Blocks, Twirl blocks, and Spider blocks 

I decided I was going to try using two of my unused Accuquilt dies today.  First up is a half hexagon.  Unfortunately there aren't a lot of things you can do with that die without some other ones.  But I do like this Twirl quilt.

Picture from 

Here's what I've gotten done so far. It took me several tries before I got the triangles made correctly. If you look carefully there are three triangles in the picture below.  I grabbed a bunch of fat quarters of floral prints and the beige.  I have enough cut out to make one of the "blocks"  that makes a twirl. See the light twirls above? I may go ahead and try to finish a smaller quilt with these florals and beige. 

Side note -- you know how you can't remember what you had for breakfast but you can remember where you got a piece of fabric 30 years ago? The large floral print came from a quilt shop in Los Angeles that I "think" was owned by Mary Ellen Hopkins. I forget why I had gone to LA, probably to see my dad, but I spent a bit of time checking out a couple quilt stores while I was there. For some reason I remember this fabric and that store.  (No name for the store -- memory is a weird thing!) 

Next up is the beginning of a block using the Spider web die. You can see the design on the packaging here. Here's 1/4th of the block. I think this will be a great one to use smaller hunks of fabric.  Except I suppose I'll have to have enough to make all 4 quarters.  I've got more of the white fabric but I'm not sure about the red batik.  

Time will tell how I do on these new blocks. Now it's on to my December statistics. First up - I can tell you it was a very good year for me for fabric usage. 2021 ended with me using more fabric than bringing in. 


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year

Total In or Out Year












Fabric In 

Fabric Out Year

Total In or Out Year




















































Because I had purchased 2 wide backs and was given a lot of fat quarters for Christmas I thought I might have bought more than I used.  Well, no, that didn't happen.  It was a great year for me for fabric usage. Unfortunately, Over the last 12 years I've brought in  119 yards more than I used. I'm going to need to get way more productive (or give away some large hunks of fabric) to ever use more fabric than I bring in since when I started keeping stats. 

True confession time though: On January 2nd I purchased 9 yards of solid fabrics from JoAnns. The fabric was on sale and I could take an additional 25% off if I ordered online and picked it up at the store. Well, yes I will take advantage of that great sale. I'm pretty sure I've already put some of it to use. But I only count fabric used after the item is finished. 

On to a sad occasion for me. No, not really drastic but I was trying so hard.  Do you use a Kindle or the Kindle app on your tablet or phone?  I love mine.  And on January 4th here's what my unbroken streak of reading on my Kindle looked like.

I was being so careful to read on my Kindle trying to get a full year of days in a row. Alas, it didn't happen. Wait, actually it did happen. I just didn't check it on the Jan 14th, the 365th day.  Yesterday (the 15th) I was trying to finish a "real" book for book club and make progress on a book that was only available on Overdrive.  Some how I didn't open up the Kindle app and read the book on it. Sniff!  Sniff!  So I did succeed!  Hum, I wonder if I can get to 2 years reading every day? That weeks-in-a-row is almost 3 and a half years.  Yep, I am a serious reader.  Almost every night I spend at least 30 minutes reading, sometimes a lot more.   

On that happy note it's time to list the linky parties that you can visit and see what quilters across the world are working on. 

I'll be linking up the other two once they go live. Hope you enjoy some surfing. 

Happy Quilting! Bonnie


  1. I have a kindle ap on my phone and Ipad but I never use it on them - I just read on the kindle - I find the phone just too small to read from and the Ipad as large as a book so harder to hold.
    I have the pattern that you are using for the half hexie-I first used it before I had that die and cut from a ruler that some quilt designer has I don't remember the name - I made the pattern for my grandson.

  2. I love the idea of the twirl quilt, but that looks like a whole lot of Y seams, yikes!

  3. The twirl blocks will be great, Bonnie, and a good idea to use those dies! (Note to Vicki: they're pieced in rows, so no inset seams.) Congratulations on the slow-and-steady stash consumption. I haven't gotten the hang of e-reading....paper or audio for me. That they/it keeps track for you is pretty neat (and a little scary).

    1. Nope Nann, there are Y seams in every triangle. But, marking them before sewing has allowed me to make 3 blocks that are nice and flat!

  4. Kudos on trying out a couple of your cutting dies, Bonnie!

  5. Love the spiderweb block. It would make a fun quilt for the RSC challenge - not the full block, just quarters in all the selected colors. Great job on your goals last week!

  6. OMG, I shudder to think how many yards of fabric I bought in the past couple of years. Apparently it gave me some comfort during a stressful time to shop for fabric online and way too often I bought the fabrics in the cart. I definitely have more than a lifetime supply now. LOL

  7. I am a serious reader, too - probably have not gone a day without reading since I learned how! We will vouch for you to your Kindle that you didn't really miss that day, Bonnie! I really like the half-hexagon pinwheel design. Fun to see it develop with those light sections against the darker prints.

  8. Congrats on all the check marks from last week. Hopefully you've already made good progress on this week's list. And more congrats on the more out than in last year on the fabric front. Enjoy playing with your new Accuquilt blocks.


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