Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Have you heard of SAHRR?  In English it's Stay At Home Round Robin.  I've done several different Round Robins over the years.  Some of my very favorite quilts are the results of mailing round robins.  I participated in some through Prodigy in the late 80s and early 90s.  You can see one of them here. That one was international.  

When I decided to play along I found this block folded in a box.   

I'm pretty sure I made it in a class a good 20 years ago.  But I can't remember who taught it. I also found some of the original fabric saved with the block and hopefully I'll find other fabric in my stash that goes with it.  

If you want to participate Gail of Quilting Gail is sponsoring it. 

Starting next week, every week for 6 weeks we'll be given the style for the border to be added that week. I'm generally slow at getting a top finished but I'm hoping this will lead me to a fantastic finished quilt in a fairly short time.  My block is 15" or so -- I'll probably have a fairly big quilt.  I do know I'd like it to be vertical so no doubt I'll be adding some borders to only two sides.  

Are you ready to join in?  Read what Gail has to say about it and join us for a fun time.  Wouldn't it be great to make an orphan block into a finished top in six weeks?  

I'm linking up with Gail's linky party to show off my center block. Go take a look and join us! 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 



  1. What a pretty block! And it's aged the perfect amount of time, too. It will be lovely to see what you do with this!

  2. Awesome block, Bonnie!!! Great that you had it on hand already! Twenty years or not, it's a classic block that looks classy!

  3. I love your version of the Feathered Star! I'm making that block right now - but a different version. Have fun with your round robin

  4. Purple is one of my favorite colors so of course I like it! Feathered stars are just a really neat block.

  5. The feathered star will make a great center medallion. Have fun turning the block into a fabulous quilt.

  6. What a beautiful block!!! It promises to be a pretty fantastic quilt! :-)

  7. I love your block and made one as well several years back. It became the center of a round robin, too. I just wanted you to know that every time I come to your blog, I just LOVE the red bud tree ( and quilt, of course). It is how I associate your blog and it always makes me happy. time4stitchn

  8. Perfect block to start the SAHRR. I have been following this group for a couple of years but don't dare start something new yet. YOurs will be gorgeous!

  9. What a stunning center block! I will enjoy seeing you add borders each week!


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