Friday, January 14, 2022

Starts and Finishes

Here are two starts and one finish for you to enjoy.  First up the starts. 

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2022 I chose Whirl pattern.  It's a 9" finished block.  I specifically chose a 9" block so that I could use my Accuquilt Go 9" Cube and Go Companion Set Angles.  I'm continuing to try to use my Go dies as often as possible this year.  Over the last 2 years I've gone a little crazy buying dies (mostly on sale) so I really need to use them.  I can't decide whether to make only this block or make several different pinwheel style blocks.  What do you think?  

If one is good how about 2 and a sew along block? 

I want to make 3 RSC blocks each month so I would have 30 blocks after 10 months of colors.  We'll see if I actually succeed. The top block is the first block in Sherri McConnell's Quilting Life Quilt Block of the Month. You can read all about it, find the fabric requirements and the first block here. My friend Sharon has been doing these yearly sew alongs for awhile.  I decided to join her this year. I hope she pushes me to keep up. 

Next up is one of my finishes from December.  

Hum, for some reason this didn't come out as great as I thought it did.  I fell in love with this fabric with little bunnies wearing hats and holding peppermints. Truth be told, I bought it from Thousands of Bolts, Just One Nut probably in 2018 or so.  It was on sale for maybe $5.00/yard.  I let it simmer in my stash for a while but finally chose a pattern from one of Ursula Reikes books and made it up. It sat for a while  until I decided it was time to buy backing fabric and get it finished.  I originally planned to give it away but I like it way too much to send it out into the world.  It will be donated eventually but I'm enjoying it now.  

Here's an up close of the backing.  I can't find any info on the quilting design.  I know it is fairly new to me but I haven't been able to find it at any of the regular places I purchase designs from.  Weird. I do know I used a white So Fine thread from Superior Threads for the top and bobbin.  Unfortunately, I have not been recording all that information in my quilting book so I'm not sure the exact color number or the name of the design. It's a small quilt, maybe 35" square. (When I next go down to the studio I'll check the design name and the company name.) Click on the pic of the backing to see the design better. In fact, all the pics should enlarge if you click on them.

Last picture -- Pat holding the quilt with snow in the foreground. (That snow is left over from Jan 3.) 

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That's it for this Friday evening.  Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and check out what people are making across the Internet. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I love your bunny/peppermint fabric! I also love the quilting on the back!
    It has been awhile since I have visited. I need to browse.

  2. nice projects all...i love those little could call it 'santa's other helpers'....adorable!

  3. the quilting on that red is pretty - good luck on making more with your dies - that is my goal this year too - it really does help move a quilt along faster in the cutting process

  4. Love the bunny quilt! And your Whirl blocks are great, so dramatic! They will make a terrific quilt.

  5. You have some fun projects going - and I think it's always more fun do have a friend sewing along with you. That bunny backing is the cutest!

  6. I love the red 'whirl' blocks, I think a whole quilt in those blocks would be great! Congrats on finishing your little bunny quilt, they really are so sweet.

  7. Fun new starts! I like that pinwheel block - it seems like those longer strips will look kind of like ribbons running through the quilt. I guess we'll see what develops as you make more blocks! Cute baby quilt, too - love the bunny fabric!

  8. I vote all Whirl blocks in all the colors. That is such a cute block, uses your dies, & the edges together will make an interesting secondary pattern! Lovely.

  9. You made pretty red blocks, Bonnie! A rainbow quilt with them will be beautiful. Great finished also. Lovely bunny quilt.

  10. Three lovely red blocks and a finished quilt, great work!

  11. The pinwheel blocks are great, and a quilt made with them will be stunning.

  12. The Accuquilt dies are my sidekick in my sewing room. When I first got them they were not being used. Then I started to plan my projects and looking at which dies I had. Since then the dies I bought, was always taking into account what project I wanted to make. I now use the dies all the time. A wish list for future dies is also a great IDEA for birthdays when family members want to know what they can gift me.

  13. I'm guessing you are getting more snow to add to those leftovers from earlier in the month, Bonnie. We are. Nice job on those RED blocks for the RSC and the Sew Along block, too. Super sweet little bunny quilt!

  14. Love your pinwheel blocks!!! Yes, definitely make more! Those sweet bunnies!!! Perfect baby quilt finish, Bonnie!!!

  15. Love your RSC blocks for this year!! too cool
    and your quilt is adorable - Don;t laugh - I know that panto - its twirling Snowflakes from Dawnas Design .... I thought it was so cool and It looks great on your quilt!

  16. The bunny fabric is really cute. Congrats on a sweet finish.


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