Sunday, May 1, 2022

Monday Meanderings 5 - 2 - 2022

 Tra La, It's May! The Lusty Month of May . . . . Do you know what musical these words are from?  We just saw it at a local theater. Hint -- it's a Lerner and Lowe musical. 2nd hint -- It started as a Broadway musical in 1960 starring Richard Burton, Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet.  3rd hint -- It is based on T. H. White's book The Once and Future King. It was also made into a movie.  Have you guessed it yet?  I will share the answer at the bottom of this post.  My folks had a record of the Broadway cast which we must have played frequently since I remembered most of the songs and words during the recent play.  Pat and I both enjoy musicals so we go to see them at our local theater fairly frequently. 

Moving right along to my goals.  YES! It was a great week for finishing goals this past week.  Here's the list and how many I finished. 


✅ ✅ Quilt & Bind 2 Rainbow Scrap Challenges top -- both done! 

✅ Make a couple of dog toys -- 2 done, possibly 2 more to be done

✅ Make 3 RSC blocks in pink -- done waiting for May's color

✅ Finish improve top -- done (see below)

Work on Pyramid class project -- nothing, sigh!

I'll share the 2 RSC quilts during the next few weeks. I was so happy to get them finished.  The backing fabric was purchased in February.  I used half of it. So one more quilt will be done soon with enough left for another smaller quilt. 

Here are the last two RSC blocks in pink.

As I was making the top one I laid out the units incorrectly, see below.  Hum, I really like this block too.  Maybe another quilt will come from this design someday. 

Although it took me until Sunday to get most of these goals done, I am so happy to have all of them done especially the improv quilt top. It was also my UFO Challenge for April.  The top is awaiting quilting -- someday. I need to find a backing and I doubt I have enough of any fabric in my stash. 

When I finish all the fabrics I have for the dog toys I'll show them. It should be in the next week or so as I am taking them to Maryland for Faithful Circle Quilters' show May 19 - 21. They will be at the $10 and under table.  

Now let's see what is up for this week. 


Work on pyramid class project

Start May’s UFO challenge

Quilt something

Work on Christmas ornaments 

Make more Spider Web blocks

Although the list is the same length as last weeks I doubt if it will be as time consuming. Hopefully I'll make forward progress on all of those items. 

Ok, time for the Linky parties.

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Yep, I'm adding a few more parties.  We'll see if I can remember to actually link up with all of them. 

And the musical is .....   Camelot! 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. I like your improv top! The RSC blocks are pretty, and that is a neat layout for the "oops" block. We never saw Camelot, but we did go see Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music five times when it came out! We have seen it countless times since and never tire of it.
    A early thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!

  2. I like your generic goal of 'quilt something', that way you have more free range of the project depending what you feel like that day:)

  3. The variation of your units to make a different block is quite novel. So many quilts to make!
    Congrats on your finishes.

  4. The Improv top is stunning. Last week I joined some friends at a high school performance of Bye, Bye Birdie. It was fun and well done.

  5. LOL -- I invoked that song in my post! Love, love, love the improv quilt.

  6. Happy May, Bonnie. You are starting off the month with a very happy and cheerful note and as soon as I began reading , you brought a smile to my day. Your blocks are looking wonderful and I adore your improv quilt. Wishing you a fabulous week. Keep a song in your heart .

  7. Loved all things musical and Camelot is one of my favorite. I didn't realize that Julie Andrews played it; I liked the movie version with Vanessa Redgrave. Anyway, love all your pink blocks. And the improv rainbow one is so striking. How creative you are!

  8. Love your improv top, and the musical made me smile. Thank you!

  9. It is a beautiful improv top, Bonnie and the 2 versions of your Pink blocks look very pretty.

  10. We had the movie version of the sound track. I was a very ardent King Arthur fan so I hated the movie because in the real story Guinevere and Lancelot already knew each other, they didn't fall in love at first site. But I sang along with all the tunes to that record!!!

  11. Your pink blocks look great, and so does your finished quilt top! That's a favorite of mine from Kelly's book.

  12. Love your RSC blocks. So nicely pieced. The improve quilt is pretty neat looking. Good luck this week.

  13. We had a discussion about Julie Andrews the other day--there are just so few truly talented stage singers as her! We'd just watched a modern musical and while they were all good, most singers always seem a little bit...forced? Julie was just all effortless, God-given talent! Not that she didn't work at it, I know she did--I mean she made it look that way! Good luck on your to-do's!

  14. I knew the answer as that's one of my husband's favorite musicals. Love your improve top! So pretty. Your RSC blocks are wonderful--no matter which way you put them together. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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