Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nation's Triathlon

No, don't panic, I did NOT run a triathlon. But some one close to me did so we all trooped down to the Potomac River to cheer Kevin on.

We hiked by the Lincoln Memorial.... it's been years (decades?) since I've been on foot near any of the memorials in Washington.

Here's a peak of the Lincoln statue inside the memorial.

Before too long we were in the midst of the race. There were over 5000 participants this year -- nearly double from last year. Kevin was already done with his swim and almost finished with his ride when we got there. But we were lucky to see him ride in for the transition from bike to run. A big cheer went up from us. (he said he heard us . . . but maybe it was our general noise.)

I got a real kick out this young lady's sign:


And, yes, there was a ton of spandex covering all sizes and shapes of bodies.

After we saw Kevin come in with his bike we decided we needed to go to the finish line to wait for him. The finish line was right next to the area where the runners were beginning the run. (remember, that was after the 2 mile or so swim and the 25 mile bike part...)

When I saw Kevin coming to the end I quickly snapped a picture. Evidently not fast enough cause I had a perfectly good picture of someone I didn't know at all! Don't you love digital photography? That photo was trashed. We do think this is Kevin at the finish line. He's one of those two guys in spandex. (hey Kev ... are you on the right or the left?) He started at 7:30 so his approximate finish time would be 2 hours, 30 minutes.

He came in 347 out of 3,933. I guess all 5000 entrants didn't finish the race.

One of the most unusual runners we saw was a lady who was probably 8 months pregnant. She was walking and taking pictures when we saw her. She kept going forward than would walk back to take some more pictures. Don't know if she finished or not. Maybe she wanted to get that baby going. I do know she had a bib number so she really registered.

>Here's Kevin with Aimee after the race. He doesn't look like he has been swimming, biking and running for 2 and a half hours does he?
We finished up the morning by going to Chipotle's for lunch. Yum.

Needless to say I'm not getting a whole lot of quilting done. But I will be posting some quilts over the next few days as I have been taking pictures of quilts.

Happy Quilting All!

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  1. Question is, did he smell like he had? LOL... just joking of course. Been years since we've done downtown DC too, haven't been back since we left there to move here in 1995, last century!


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