Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookie Swap II

Cookie Swap II is today and I am ready! Here are all my cookies ready to go in a basket. I couldn't find a big enough basket to carry all of them so I have to bring some in a shopping bag. At least it looks festive here -- red plaid.

We've got two more boxes to go through to add to the tree. But that will be another day. Raggs has been pretty good about it. He sniffs it but that is about it. On the other hand, we've both been about when he's been near the tree. Wait til the whole pack shows up. (3 more dogs for Christmas!)

And, Raggs has to be spruced up too. Here he is after his bath. Doesn't he look pathetic here? Poor baby. But he smells much better and someday that fur will grow out. And, in the meantime he curls up pretty tightly when he goes to sleep.

You might be asking how I am doing on my to do list from last posting?
1 -- Hair is cut and looking oh, so much better!
6 -- Started meal plans. Need to add to them so we have meals for all the days the kids are up here.
7 -- Cookies are ready to be taken today.

The rest are in the works or a day planned to do so.

Keep warm and Happy Quilting All!


  1. What a beautiful tree. Just the other day I realized there are no tree lots here anymore. They used to be everywhere. Of course, many people go to the mountains and cut their own trees.

    I like the look and smell of a real tree, but I don' miss the mess.

  2. Wow guys! That's quite the tree! Looks like it's the center of attention in the family room there! How'd Dad get that thing inside by himself???

  3. I'm sure the cookie exchange was fun! One year I'd like to do that too.

    It's the mad dash to the holiday finish line. I still have not menu planned at all but am making progress on shopping. Cards are out. I'm not sure there will be time for baking anything other than rolls.


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