Thursday, December 3, 2009

Loading Up the Monster Quilt

If you've been following my blog you know I am going to quilt a monsterously big quilt for Jenny. It's about 117" on all sides. Heck, Ruthie only has 122" of leader so this is really pushing it! So it began today. This is the quilt top with its zipper on ready to roll on to the top bar. Next, rolled up on the top bar. It sure doesn't seem all that big but wait until I start rolling the finished quilt onto the take up bar. I may have to turn this baby to finish it all.
Raggs wanted to help by stealing the end of the zipper but I convinced him not to. So he's decided to be in charge of quality control.
I'm pinning the zipper to one end of the backing. Ugh -- Miss Jenny needs to prepare her backings a bit better... but she was about to go on vacation when she got all this stuff together. (I told her she'd be charged extra for the squaring up of the backing and removing the selvedges. 8-) )
UGH! The backing had to be ironed -- all 15,876 square inches of it. (sounds more that way, doesn't it!)

It is now hanging over the upstairs bannister waiting for me to put it on Ruthie tomorrow. I was too tired this evening after my library volunteer time.

For those of you who might be awaiting the photo of the finished Inchie ornament I'm sorry to disappoint you. I was in such a hurry to finish it and get it in the mail before pick up I forgot to take a picture. So, maybe I will make the extra little pieces into a matching ornament and show a photo of that. Don't hold your breath. I've got a zillion other things to do before that gets tackled.

I'm off to bed and dreaming about the fantastic quilting that will be going all over the monster quilt!

Happy Quilting All!


  1. Hi, Bonnie. Teddy, who used to be on the Nolting list, told us how to never iron a backing. Load the bottom end, and then use a spray mister of water to slightly dampen the back, smoothing out any wrinkles as you roll it up. You can repeat the steps for a really "un-square" back, and roll it onto the take-up roller, then back on the bottom roller. I never press a back anymore, unless it's the edges or a center seam. I no longer cut off my selvages unless they have puckered with pre-washing in Retayne. Remember, though, I'm not a pro.

  2. Sorry! It wasn't that I was going on vacation - I was trying to get the quilt to Sharon so she could take it up to you, so I wouldn't have to pay postage to mail it to you! I'm not sure I remember ever squaring up a backing or trimming selvages... Didn't know. I'll pay you extra somehow - you will have earned it dealing with that thing!

  3. My longarmer tells me not to worry about ironing the backing since she uses a spritzer to slightly dampen the cloth. She said the wrinkles come out like magic.

  4. Hey Jen, I was giving you an OUT! See today's progress!


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