Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let the Lights Shine

Pat got the pine trees on the driveway decorated with lights this week. I thought they looked great! He thought they would be good photos to show on the blog. He's right.
No quilting getting done today -- it's party time. I'm going to a volunteers dinner for the homeowners association. Pat is going to sing two concerts today. (I refused to join as the practice was the same time as a new quilt guild I had joined. Maybe next year.)

Yesterday I didn't get as much quilted on Jenny's quilt as I had planned to. My back starts giving out and the hands start aching a bit holding the ruler in place. So, slow and easy will still get it done way before Jenny shows up. By the way, Jenny made this quilt not me. I am only quilting it for her. She gets to put the binding on -- all 456" of it.

The snow is about 4 to 5" deep and not too much melting go on today -- it's only just reached 32 now. Raggs doesn't quite know what to do in the snow. And, he doesn't have enough hair/fur left to keep him really warm. So we don't go play in the snow. We do try to have him do his business out there. I would imagine it would be pretty shocking to wake up first thing in the morning and have to go out side -- it's been in the 20's the last few mornings! Time to get Raggs out and then off I go.

Happy Quilting All!


  1. That quilt is gorgeous...tho I don't envy you the job of quilting it or her job of binding it! The trees look just great!

  2. I cannot believe the size of that quilt. I'm envious of Ruthie. Wish I had one. But it wouldn't fit in my 975-square foot little cabin. I do all my quilting on my featherweight so I only quilt minis and smalls and cribs. If I make a bigger quilt, I pay someone else to quilt it - which so far I've only done once. Take care. See you on quiltville. And don't forget to trim those *&%$ posts. : )


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