Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quilt as Desired

Don't you hate it when directions say quilt as desired? I do although I am getting over that. I realize I must have a plan before I start quilting on Ruthie. I have been having pretty good luck with pantographs lately. Monday I finished Mystery #11 from Mysteries for Relay. I loaded it on Ruthie with the plan to try a new pantogram called Angel Wings. Yippee! It looked like what it was suppose to when I did it. Woot! Woot! Yesterday, I put the binding on and got the next quilt ready to go.
See the shapes that really look like butterflies? That is what the pantograph looks like! I am not sure it is the best design for this very busy top but it is now completely done! I took it with me for Wednesday quilting. I also pinned the next quilt on to my zippers so I can finish one more quilt this year.

My kids sabotaged my efforts to USE more fabric than I buy this year. In last accounting I had purchased 1 7/8th yards more than I used this year. But, both Jenny and Kevin gave me fabric -- wonderful, fun fabric. But, it was enough to wreck my plans so I decided I would get the borders on the string x that was almost done. It's ready to load on Ruthie so hopefully I'll have it finished by midnight on Thursday. I don't know what my final numbers will be this year but I'm pretty sure I'll at least break even.
Here's Jenny showing off her Christmas quilt. Darn, you can't see her quilting. She used white thread and did a very nice stipple. She used a red on the back. (I was happy because I had way too many red bobbins wound for a quilt I was doing and then changed my mind about the color.)

Have you made any New Year Resolutions? I'm not very good about doing what I've resolved in the past so I may skip it this year. If I think of something I'll let you know though. Except, I resolved to continue to quilt and to try to make a dent in my stash. That's a start at least!


  1. Jenny and Kevin...don't forget to keep mom "honest" about her fabric usage and stash statistics!

  2. The panto looks great on your quilt. Happy New Year!

  3. Nice Job on Mystery #11.

    I rarely make resolutions anymore. I do want to put away some of the holiday decorations today and clean the house a bit.


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