Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Inchies -- Nothing Like a Challenge

I signed up for an Inchies Ornament swap at Quilter's Gallery. I thought it would be fun and challenging. Except now I am behind! Yikes, it was suppose to be mailed today. So tomorrow it'll be in the mail.

Here are the little inchies, some beads (from my mom's stash), and some bigger beads I went out and got on Sunday. I used an older thread -- cotton but with a great sheen.

And, how about a close up of the inchie - -

You start by layering backing fabric, pentex and then a top fabric -- fuse it all together. Next you quilt it. Cut it up in one inch squares. Do a tight zigzag over the edges. Bead. Put together and voila -- an inchie. Or so it sounded in the tutorial. Check it out here at the Inchies Tutorial. I got all the little inchies done -- all six of them. All that is left is glue them on a little ribbon. I was all gung-ho to finish this off and chose a nice gold ribbon.

Like many of us I have everything I would ever need to start and finish a million projects. So when the directions said use a craft glue I went hunting. And, amazingly I found a brand new bottle. Whee! Check out that bottle. Evidently I've owned it for quite a while even if it wasn't opened!
OK, so that didn't work. Off to Wal Mart, the closest store that might have a decent craft glue. I'm still thinking I'd get them done and in the mail. Um, Wal Mart is a good 35 minutes away or so. Pat and I decided we'd check a little hardware store that was only about 15 minutes from home. I got a bottle of elmers glue to try. Which didn't work great on the gold braid. But I persevered. Tomorrow I'll have a photo up of the finished inchie ornament soon. I've actually got it almost completely finished! Yeah. And, then it will fly off to some other state to live in.

Happy Quilting All!

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  1. Ooooh my, too tiny for me to take on the challenge. I can't wait to see the finished ornament.


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