Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taa Dah!

Making progress on the Monster Quilt . . . batting is off the floor.
The take up roll is running into the machine head... must mean more is getting done!
Batting moving up . . .
Oops... that's all the batting that is left after finishing the quilting. Phew. One good reason we didn't want a lot of quilting on this quilt.
It's DONE!
I'm going to let it "age" on the rollers for a few days -- I don't need Ruthie for a while.

Now, it is time to get on to baking cookies for two swaps. Tomorrow night I need 5 dozen bagged by the dozen and ready to go. Next Wednesday I think I need 9 dozen bagged in half dozens. I've already planned the recipe and the trial run of it turned out great. So tomorrow I'm doing cookies (probably 3 batches.) And, then I want to dress up the bags I am putting them in so they are "cute". Any spare time I think I will sew the rows of the last Mystery for Relay quilt which is all over the bed in a guest room. Hum, need to clear that off as Kevin and Aimee will be up for Christmas as will Jenny and Brian. So we're looking forward to a full house.

Time to make dinner . . . or at least my part of it.
Happy Quilting All!

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  1. Congratulations on completing the "monster" quilt. I can't wait to see it off of the rollers.


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