Monday, April 5, 2010

Plaza del Sol

Here's the finished version of Plaza del Sol. This is an original design that was inspired by a plaza in Mexico. The blocks were made by the members of the 2009 Faithful Circle E Quilters. Of course, it took me a while to get back to the blocks and finish them. As always, I learned some more about long arm quilting. You can't see it here but I ripped out a whole bunch on the little turquoise border. This attempt at a ribbon looks much better than the original.
And, my loopy "l"s -- ugh... the pieces were too wide to make decent loops. Although every once in a while I see a great one rather than a lumpy one! Something to continue practicing on!

Today's Plans --
Hair cut... yeah!
Finish quilting Heidi's pineapple quilt -- or at least as far as I can get on it.
Maybe work on a string quilt
Antiques Roadshow -- so glad the final two isn't on during Roadshow.

Have a quilty day everyone!


  1. Wow..that turned out beautifully!! Just the treat that my winter weary eyes needed. It is so vibrant and happy!!

  2. Great quilt Bonnie! I'm sure each quilt will get easier with the quilting. Love that bright blue you used!

  3. The colors are just beautiful!!! And so fresh looking!!! Good Job quilting!


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