Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Stashbusting Report

If I was clever I would put in an April Fools gag... but I'm not feeling clever today so just a fabric usage report...

I'm happy to announce I have used more fabric than acquired for the third straight month this year. Here are the current statistics.

March Fabric Usage Report:

Fabric Acquired: 5 1/8 yards
Fabric Used: 7 5/8 yards
Net Fabric Used: 2 1/2 yards

Year to Date:

Fabric Acquired: 8 7/8 yards
Fabric Used: 18 1/8 yards.

NET FABRIC USED to date: 9 1/4 yards

You bet I am feeling pretty good about this report. I was afraid I had bought more than I had used. Woop! Woop! Now if I can be slightly successful in April. We have several trips planned in April so I won't get much done in the way of quilting/finishing. And, I'm going to be at MQX so there will be fabric temptation. I'll try to be strong...

I have finished the Plaza del Sol quilt which is a fairly large quilt compared to the lap size quilts I have been making. I'll post pictures in the next day or so. I need to find a spot for a good picture. Now that it is sunny and dry outside I might try an outdoor shot of it.

Have to share this Raggs story:

Yesterday I let him out in the front yard to do his business. He got to the end of the garage and stopped. He stood very still and was looking up to the right, not moving. I came down the steps of the front porch and finally saw what stopped him in his tracks.
And, deer's other buddies...
Once Raggs had reinforcements he was quite brave...
It's amazing what is going on in your front yard and you're not even aware of it.

Time to get back to the studio. Happy quilting all!


  1. I think that is neat to measure what you use in a month. I couldn't do that because all I seem to use is scraps and most of them are small. Glad you came out on top of the using and not the buying.

    The pictures of the deer are neat. Here is a youtube of a group of white deer in CO.

    Have you been selling your quilts for a while, or will this be the first time that I read about in end of April?

  2. Love the pictures, dog meets deer. . . .then comes along Pat. . . .amazing everyone stayed in place for the pics. . . . measuring material, maybe I should do that with my scrapbooking supplies, ahhh, won't happen!!!


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