Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quilt Show And You're Invited

Faithful Circle Quilter's Biannual Quilt Show
at the First Presbyterian Church,
Columbia, Maryland
Thurs. and Friday 4/29 & 30 -- 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday, May 1 10 am to 4 pm
for more information

If you would like a chance to own this little quilt, come to the show and make a bid. The silent auction will end Saturday, probably around 3 pm... or so. This is a fabulous quilt show with over 300 quilts hung. Demos will be going on during all three days. We'd love to share our quilts with you.

I arrived in Maryland on Tuesday afternoon to help out at the quilt show. And, I've been busy constantly since then, or so it seems.

Tuesday evening -- washed poles in preparation for hanging quilts on Wednesday
  • set up part of the poles.
Wednesday -- arrived at location at 7:30 AM. (yes, really, it might have been 7:15 but I forgot to check.)
  • helped set up poles in one room, hung quilts,
  • talked to friends, ate yummy chicken salad
  • put label on my little pinwheel quilt
  • talked to more friends, ate homemade carrot cake YUM
  • helped hang quilts in the hall way
  • sat around and chatted with more friends... sigh ... it was great
  • helped a vendor unpack and got to fondle some really lovely fabric
Home to Sharon's and a great steak dinner cooked by her hubby, Dale. Dale is a terrific cook and I know we all enjoyed it. Thanks bunches for doing this as we were both exhausted.

Off to the local high school band concert to see her son perform. Wow, Mr. D, the band director at Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, Maryland has been there for 30 years. His time as band director was celebrated by more than 35 former students returning to add their words to the tribute. It was truly uplifting to hear the positive impact Mr. D had on these students. I'm just really sorry neither of my two kids knew about it or they would have been there too. Awesome tribute and evening.

Tomorrow we'll be at the quilt show most of the day. We are taking a break around 1 to meet Jenny, Heidi and maybe Sharon's daughter, Kim, for lunch. Then Jenny & Heidi will be coming to the show.

It's now WAY past my bedtime. So, will end now and get some shut eye before another long but fun day.
Happy Quilting All!

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