Monday, April 19, 2010


I've been back from Rhode Island for a day or so. I'm exhausted. But what a great time. Gail and I took a hands on class. We got someone to snap our picture.
Caught up with Debby Brown from Hired Hands She wanted to shoot me for taking the picture but I think she looks cute. Hi Deb ~~~~~ waving at you. (You do look tired here though... hope you've caught up on your sleep!)
Learned a lot of new things. I sure hope it is easy. It uses a melon shaped ruler. I need to get that asap. This was a class taught by Kim Brunner.
Bought some pretties. I was in the pastel mood for the most part. You know, new baby coming in the future. I have a quilt that the olive green solid or variegated will go with. I've already used up 2 mini cones of red so decided to go for a big cone.

Time to get some sewing done. I'm getting ready to go to Maryland next week to help out at Faithful Circle Quilters quilt show. More on that in the future.
Happy Quilting All!


  1. Always good to hear about your trips. Take some time to recharge before you head out again.

  2. It was great to see you again, even so briefly. And of course I was tired... it was after 10pm when you took my photo!

    Rest well and I hope to see you at the next quilt show.

  3. Imagine finding my best friend Debby on your blog!
    She's great isn't she :0)!

    Happy Sewing


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