Friday, May 14, 2010

35 days and counting

News Flash:
Pat and I Are Moving

Pat's was downsized from his job in August. So we thought, ah, early retirement, start a little business, do a little woodworking. All was good. Except, he's a high energy person. The economy is tuff so people weren't spending money on hiring tests and human resources consulting. And, we wanted to move closer to the grand baby (ok, and our kids too.) It'll be about 2 and a half hours away.

Part of the traveling I've been doing has been up and down to Virginia while he interviewed and I got an overview of the area. We didn't want to end up in a really rural area again -- I wanted to be able to get to stores easily (if I wanted to) and have other quilters nearby. We were looking north and west of Charlottesville but that was ending up as over an hour commute to Dillwyn, Va. We went down again last week. (As in, I got home on Monday, rested Tuesday and was in the car again on Wednesday!) Thursday and Friday we looked at houses in Powhatan. Look due east on the yellow line from the red star. It is supposedly 45 minutes away. Hopefully he'll find a few short cuts. (Thanks to Map Quest for the map.)
We have a contract on a house. And it has a craft room/studio already set up. And a room for Ruthie. (I'm sure the real estate agent thought we were bit weird when we said we needed a big extra room or two.) It seems a bit smaller than our current house until you count the two upstairs rooms.

So now I need to get in gear. I have a top secret project to work on. I have a quilt I want to get done so I at least have a finish in May. I have some 9 patch blocks to make for a guild swap for a disappearing 9 patch. I will be packing my stash myself as I have it folded and arranged by color. Notice I did not say NEATLY arranged. I've been plundering it as of late so it has gone a bit a stray. And, I need to put stuff away so it is easier to pack. Don't worry, I am NOT packing the house. We hire nice people to do that. (But, unfortunately, I have to unpack the house...)

When I decided to post about our move I decided to use a count-down to the move as the headline. I was shocked to realize we're moving in 35 days. Some how 5 weeks sounds so much longer than 35 days. I'll be posting but probably not a whole lot. I'm about out of battery for my lap top and my top secret project is calling my name.

Happy Quilting All!


  1. Well, Powhatan is far away from me but i know there are active quiltvillians in your area. A Super Joannes, too, which i have never been to a super one. I think that area is awfully hot in the summer so Rags might need a close clip.

    Sallie in the Blue Ridge

  2. Hang on! Lotsa changes coming your way - but you sound excited, eager, STONG!!!!

  3. Hi Bonnie, thanks for stopping by. First, I feel like I am left in the dust with my sewing and quilting because most of the bloggers that I know are full time quilters, have a business in or around their home, or are retired. I am still working a 40+ hour week and only quilt on weekends. And, I usually spend the mornings on the golf course!

    Second, my grandpa Rowe came from England and meet my grandma in Missouri. Her maiden name was Studeville. But I am sure that one way or another we are related!

  4. Best of luck, Bonnie. It's so exciting to make a move like this and wonderful to be near the grandchildren. Your new house looks wonderful.
    Sarah in California

  5. Bonnie..just got through doing the same. We moved 6 1/2 hrs. away from our home and now live 1/2 mi. from dau. and husband and grands in KY.
    IT WAS HARD TO DO..the packing, cleaning out, selling, etc. but once done we are happy. Won't leave this house until it's feet first time.
    Take care of Raggs and help him get situated.


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