Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Natural Fauna

I missed this this morning while I was snoozing away...

He was on the street next to the house. Pat was sitting on the front porch reading his email when this guy strutted his stuff. I wonder if there was a female nearby...

I have spent the last couple of days working in the studio. A couple of boxes got packed. (of about a million that will be needed...) Janet of the FCQ Equilters suggested I keep a list of what is in the boxes to make it easier when I set up the studio again. So I have been doing that. I was not happy to figure out that I bought another boxful of yarn in the two years I've lived here. Well, maybe only 1/2 box of yarn cause I stuffed a half done sweater in the last box and I know it moved here in the same state it is leaving in!

I almost have the most recent mystery quilt from Mysteries for Relays done. It is going with me to Wednesday sewing group to be finished. I have 11 rows needing ironing and sewn together. Then I can quit on that one. I just wanted to get it to top stage. I haven't decided about borders yet.

This antique quilt was in one of the houses we looked at. That particular house was bigger and had great walls for hanging quilts. But with bigger comes bigger price tag. We decided to go smaller. Hey, we're suppose to be downsizing at this time! I'll miss the great space for hanging my quilts though.

Time to get going -- breakfast, pack a lunch, pack my supplies and get to sewing with my friends. And, to take something for this head cold that is starting. YUCK.

Happy quilting all!

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  1. Oops, sorry Bonnie...there were two females nearby, but that picture was blurry.


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