Monday, May 17, 2010

Featuring Sharon's Quilts

Just a quick post -- I should be organizing and cleaning the house.... but I'd rather quilt or blog.

Here is my quilt buddy Sharon's queen size Trip Around the World. She did a great job on it. It was machine quilted by Maria O'Haver.
It had a prominent place at the recent Faithful Circle Quilt Guild show in Maryland. I was working membership desk across from it on several different occasions. It certainly got its share of ohhs and awwws. It was fun to listen to all the positive comments on it.

I've showed this one before but this shows off the pinwheels very well. Unfortunately, the color is subdued in this photo -- it is brighter.

My goal today is to put some stuff away and do a bit of house cleaning. Then I am gathering some stuff I want to take to my guild meeting tonight. Plus I might do another block of the month for that group, although this will be my last one.

Happy quilting all!

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