Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dresser Done

Yes, Bloggettes -- I am not quilting.
In fact, I didn't even visit the studio yesterday. (hum, wonder if I left my lemonade up there and how fast would mold grow any way! EUWEW...)

Yesterday was closet shelves and dresser work.
Today I can say, I cleaned out the shelves and drawers in the closet and put the stuff back into my dresser. And made a pile of "stuff".
We have been gathering "stuff." Eventually the "stuff" will go live at a thrift store in hopes it will find a new home. That is, once we find all the other "stuff" that will be moving on. It makes me feel so much better if I think of this stuff with a new home that is NOT a landfill.

I did do some sewing on Sunday afternoon. I had forgotten to make the thank you blocks for the folks who worked so hard to keep Faithful Circle Quilters going over the last year or so. Members of the guild make these "thank you" blocks for the officers and committee chairs at the end of their terms.
I look at it as the only stash I am using this month.
As Pat said, at least you aren't buying anything new either.
So, where's the fun in that??? I had fun using some fabs I haven't used before. Like the cherries and the orange... I LIKE them! These will go off in the mail after I sign them.

Raggs, on the other hand, is not a happy camper.
His ear is disgusting and itches.
Actually, he must have mites or something that is causing the ear to smell and drain... YUCK.

He was just at the vet so when we called yesterday about it they told us to come over and get the super-duper ear cleaner.
Raggs was NOT a happy camper when we cleaned his ear with that. But, we are happy campers as it appears to be doing better. Poor Raggs -- he's gonna get both ears cleaned today.

We also suspect he's nervous about all the boxes and upheaval in the house. He isn't finishing his meals. (what? he always cleans his bowl...)
Hey Kona, Kona girl,
there is some left over food here...
oops, Kona is in Maryland, she probably can't hear me calling her.

When Kona and Raggs are together they are fed at the same time.
Kona inhales her food in 15 seconds or less.
Raggs is slow -- takes about a minute.
They both leave their own empty bowls and check out the other's bowl just in case someone misses something. It always makes us laugh.

Raggs will be much happier when he visits Kona at the end of next week. Hopefully he'll like his new fenced yard also.
Today I am back up in the studio. More fabric will be packed up. And, I am going to start to go through and pack the stamping stuff. I figure two more days up there. Hopefully that will do it. Then a day in the room with Ruthie. She's feeling very neglected. Sigh.
Take care all you Blogettes... I'll be posting all during the move unless we don't have wifi. But that is high on our priority list!

Happy Quilting to all who can fit it in ... I am jealous!


  1. If you are getting rid of any furniture, let me know! I'm moving at the same time you are and have very little furniture. You can donate it to me instead of the thrift store or landfill!

  2. Bonnie,
    You could also check our the Freecycle.org Yahoo group for your area. It's a great way to keep perfectly good "stuff" out of the transfer station.


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