Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mid Move

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia!

The good news is the everything was eventually packed and the truck was loaded.

The bad news is only two folks showed up to load the truck and finish the packing.

After a 2:00 am consult, Pat sent me off to Jenny and Brian's house with Raggs around 10 am. We didn't want to worry about Raggs getting in the way of the loading. (yep, we were both awake at 2 am and have been sleeping erratically all week.)

The other bad news is they didn't finish loading until 9:30 pm. Pat drove an hour or so and then got a room. Luckily he was so tired he fell right asleep and didn't wake up until 6 or so. But he got going early and was at J & B's before we left for the shower.

The shower was so much fun. Jenny has a wonderful group of friends and I really enjoy spending time with them. Heidi, the maker of this quilt, made the most darling dress, panties and booties for the baby. And, she did a wonderful job. No picture now as I couldn't find my camera when we were leaving for the shower. Although I did find it tonight -- my luck.

Here's the baby quilt I made for Jen. All it is is a simple 9 patch with all center squares white. And it is sashed in white with red corner stones.

And, here's the back. I bought a Moda Valentine's Day panel and cut off the Happy Valentine's Day sentiment. Then I added a turquoise border and a red border. I actually bought lime green for the border to go with the leaves but liked this turquoise I had at home. I used a stripe on the binding. Most of the squares came from the same line of Moda fabric. But I was very happy to use some stash too. I quilted it on Ruthie with Daisy Swirl panto, red Presencia thread and Warm and White cotton. I really like this quilt and wish I didn't have to give it up. But, it will be perfect for my special baby girl!
It's time to get to bed to do a little reading. Tomorrow my real work begins. Hopefully by Saturday we'll have a lot of the house in good shape. Pat goes to work next Monday. I'm sure he'll miss his short "retirement."

Happy Quilting All! I'll be back quilting with you in a couple of weeks.


  1. I love the quilt...the front as well as the back, and I love that panto.

  2. I don't envy your moving. I haven't moved in over 35 years and I still remember how much I hated it. Good luck in your new place.


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