Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Stashbusting Report BOO HOO

May Stash Report
Fabric Acquired: 3 3/8 yards
Fabric Used: 2 3/8 yards
Net Fabric Acquired: 1 yards

Year To Date Report
Fabric Acquired: 25 1/2 yards
Fabric Used: 21 5/8 yards
Net Fabric Acquired: 3 7/8 yards

HOW could this have happened??? I haven't been to a quilt store ... well, one but honest, I bought NOTHING. I just turned in a couple of quilts for an Airing of the Quilts event. OOOPS, I remember -- the Faithful Circle Quilt show. I bought a couple of fat quarters and a great piece of fabric for a future grandbaby something. It might be a dress...

And, we were out of town a bunch also. So, not much got finished. And, heaven knows June should have neither purchases or finishes.... unless I decide to quilt and bind a little quilt that is hanging on the chair... I just don't like the backing I picked for it. Hum, maybe I'll do one more.

On the "packing" front -- I'm not. Well, I go up to the studio every day like I am going to pack but I keep getting distracted. But, it is related. Yesterday I started listing all my UFO's. I have plowed through a couple of boxes to see what is in them. Oh, surprise, who knew I had participated in a cat block exchange! I have two PIGS -- projects in grocery sacks. The projects aren't started but all the fabrics and the pattern are together. Lots of collections of blocks. Or one big block that could be used for a medallion quilt -- including a mariner's compass.

UFOs to share
I bought 9 of these Amy Bradley dogs at the FCQ quilt show ... um, er, at least 2006. And during the show I got at least one, maybe two done. Currently I have 6 done. Three more to go. These are machine appliqued after adhering them to the background. How hard would be to finish these?? They really are cute.
I won the FCQ block of the month last fall.... lovely oriental blocks....

And this rather anemic looking green background with the purple star was a round robin I was doing with my buddy Sharon when she lived in England. I couldn't decide what to do next. And, honest, the green is actually a nice color it just looks horrible here! I could figure out what to do with Sharon's but this just stopped me in my tracks. I have some notes about using oranges and yellow with triangles on the next round... hum, maybe I could get this finished some day.
I took this charity quilt off Ruthie earlier last week. I was surprised it quilted up so nicely. The backing was corduroy and there were some cotton sateen blocks.
I guess I've postponed working in the studio long enough... except, now it is lunch time. I'll just nip downstairs and have a bite to eat and then, honest, I will get right back to listing ufo's or packing or ...

Happy Quilting All! (I just wish I could join you!)


  1. That was sooo funny Bonnie..."who knew I had participated in a cat block exchange"
    I am ROFLOL!!
    It's an archeological dig finding these old UFO's in my house...very scarey!

  2. LOL...what a great post. I don't envy you the moving, though! Hub used to be in the Navy and I LOVED moving a lot..always a new adventure and I loved setting up a new house. When he got out of the Navy, I swore that was it for the moving. I still miss setting up a new home, but not the moving part!!
    I wish I had participated in a cat block swap. I always wanted to make a quilt like that, but haven't gotten to it yet.


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