Monday, June 14, 2010

T minus 4 and counting

Things have been moving along albeit slowly for me. For the most part I am not a pretzel any more. But I am not moving all that fast either. Work still needs to be done in the studio...
I'm farther along than this shows but ... it still needs work.
One of the things I was doing a week ago was folding 1/2 yard and bigger pieces of fabric to go on my open shelving. Here's how I do it.
Spread folded fabric out on a flat surface.
Place your 24" ruler on the fabric as shown. (Mine is 8 1/2" wide.)
Fold up one side of fabric over the ruler. And then the other side.
Slip the ruler out of the fabric.
Fold the fabric in half.
.Stash on shelf.

I am constantly surprised at how useful it is to see all of my fabric (1/2 yard and more) at a time. I've made many a quilt recently by going to the shelves and picking. And usually the shelves look so neat. (Well, until I start pulling from tall piles or carelessly!) If you haven't tried this method of storage, I highly recommend it. I particularly like that the fabric is mostly at eye level. None of these stacks are at the bottom of the shelving unit. That's reserved for baskets/boxes of fat quarters.

Time to get finishing up the studio. I only have today and tomorrow... and the motivation of a slug. Well, maybe a bit more. But have to get with it rather than postpone the packing!

Happy Quilting All. (I am so jealous!)

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