Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Did I See???

Yep, a black bear ... but not this one.

I was driving through Promise Land State Park yesterday on my way to Wednesday quilting. A black bear came out of a yard running toward the street like he was going to start chasing my car. Yikes. He actually didn't run in the street. I think he got tired. I did not stop to get pictures cause I couldn't imagine explaining claw marks on the car. I did see that he crossed the street after I had driven by.

Now I've seen all of the main wild animals in the Poconos. Many folks up here have problems with the bears tearing up pipes from their septic system. Pat has seen bears near our property but I haven't. Nothing like a bear sighting to get you going in the morning!

Today was dull compared to yesterday. Almost first thing this morning I was trying to lift a box that was way too heavy. And, I forgot the primary directive -- lift with your legs. Yep. My back is out for a bit. I'm comfortable sitting or laying down. Just don't expect me to get up and walk without being bent over. Think pretzel. I'm still getting things done but just not very fast. Hopefully the back will recover over the next few days.

Tomorrow a car load of things are going to a thrift shop. Hopefully it will bring funds in for the fire department and the items will be put to use again. (Just how many three ring binders do I need??)

I'm going to enjoy myself this evening by reading a paperback and then stashing it with the stuff going to the thrift store.

Happy Quilting.


  1. I definitely can relate to your bear issue--we have one too, but it has been in my yard and tried to come up on my porch! I love to see the wildlife, just sometimes not that close!

  2. He looks a little like Raggs, just needs some white fir under the belly and on his paws.....


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