Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ok -- There's a Reason I Save Way Too Many Emails ...

Yep, I save all sorts of emails to the tune of 500 or so in one of my inboxes.  (Funny, the other email address I use a lot only has 30 in there and I don't let it go over that very often...) Any how, I knew I had gotten email from the folks that have the free site counter and sure enough, there was an email from when I first started with them.  And, the statistics were there.  And the code to replace the counter on my blog. So everything is just fine! Back to normal. 

Now I need to redesign my header so it covers the whole width of the space.  That just might be another day.  And, it might be time to retire that bright banner for one that goes with the soft green background I chose.  Decisions, decisions... 

So now, I'm off to quilt before heading out to do a little shopping, a little computer repairing and a meal out (or two...) 


  1. See ... there is a purpose to saving emails! I am glad that you got your counter back.

  2. brave woman - changing the blog and making everything fit -- I life the bright header but I like the soft background, too!
    Beth in Dallas


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