Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saturday's Adventure

Pat & I went with Aimee & Kevin to look at a possible venue for their wedding. 
 This is Hewick Plantation built in 1678. Aimee is distantly related to the former owners of the house.  She remembers attending family reunions at it when she was younger. 
It is located in Urbanna, Virginia about 90 minutes from our home. 

The interior of the main house is being restored and renovated.  There is a back section that was added on in the 20th century that we were able to see. But most of the house was being worked on.  

We had a very enjoyable day with them.  Had lunch at a nice little cafe.  Went to a market where Pat picked up some wine.  

No quilting being done, still. But, tomorrow for sure.  And maybe some this afternoon. Sharon is coming for a few days tomorrow so I will be doing some quilting.  

Happy Quilting All! 

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  1. Bonnie, thanks for your help with the block exchange. It sounds like you have lots of excitement happening in your life! A plantation home for a wedding--Wow!
    Join us next time. I am new to this blog thing and would appreciate a visit at my blog.
    By the way, congratulations!


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