Friday, August 6, 2010

What Do You Do With . . .

10 different blocks with varying sizes and background colors?

My friend Sharon faced that dilemma recently. It stumped her so much that she took it with her to a quilt retreat where Gyleen X Fitzgerald was the resident "expert" to assist attendees with designing settings for their blocks. Sharon brought her 10 blocks that had been a block of the month challenge at Faith Circle Quilters in 2006. The basis was a dress form which folks were to "dress". Gyleen and Sharon came up with the following. And, I have to say that Sharon was tickled pink. She is well on her way to having a wonderful and unique quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.
We tend to do show and tell when we get together. So she shared this top with me. She dislikes the lack of contrast especially in the center. I know she loves the colors because those are "her" colors. I had no brilliant ideas at the time and still don't. How about you? Any suggestions I can pass on to Sharon? This was Scotch taped to a closet door so it isn't huge. Hum, maybe couching something in silver or gold?

I've been lazy today -- finished watching a video I started yesterday. Spent way too much time on the computer. Did a little stitching on A Tisket, A Tasket. I don't remember how many I have left -- made 3 or 4? I think I need to actually do some work on it rather than carry it around a lot.

This afternoon I will work on a mini Irish Chain I started before the move and I'll finish the Quilt for Kids kit. I guess I'll probably cut some more side pieces for the million pieces quilt and continue to sew them on. And, I need to iron a bed skirt I bought recently. I've held off doing that because I couldn't get it on the bed by myself and didn't want it to get wrinkled again. Hey, I normally don't iron anything exceptt fabric but this came in a mess!

Hope you all have a Happy Quilting day!

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  1. that's a great solution for your friends quilt. I don't iron either-except fabric and my new dryer has a de-wrinkle setting and by gosh it works!!


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