Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st Month Stash Busting Statistics

I am so happy to shed the statistics showing how much fabric I bought last year.  To refresh your memory -- I ended with 114 yards MORE fabric than I used.  Some of it will be going to a peddler table at Faithful Circle's show in April.  Some has actually been used.  January was a good start for USING fabric rather than buying fabric... although I did have to get some fabric for specific tasks. 


Fabric In

3 -  7/8 yards
Fabric Out
6  - ¾ yards
Net Fabric Out
2  - 7/8 yards

Way to Go!  Start the year off with fabric USED rather than fabric IN! 

With that information firmly in my head I think I'll go upstairs and prep the NY Day Mystery for loading on the long arm....  that way I'll start February with a finished.

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. NICELY done, Bonnie!! I was running close, but then ruined it all by buying 3.5 yards last night. It was on sale and it was for specific projects, so I know it will go out, too ... still! :)

  2. Good start to 2012, my Jan is like your 2011. I need a 12 step program, at least to get off my jelly roll bings :)

  3. Oh, I need to follow your example. I firmly resolved not to buy any more fabric unless it was for a specific purpose. Then Nancy invited me to Burkholders, then Nancy invited me to Capital Quilts. I really need to stop accepting her invitations, lol. But I have finished 2 quilts since December, well, I still have to finish sewing the binder on my Valentine's day table topper, but I'm half way there!

  4. Excellent news! Here's to a very productive year.

  5. Wow!! I am scared to count mine :) I think I am better not knowing the truth!!

  6. I'm not keeping track. It's too depressing! LOL

  7. It's good to get a "do over" each new year. Congrats on being in the black!


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