Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Culinary Efforts

Kevin and Aimee brought us home several Thai food products including a red curry paste from their honeymoon in Thailand.  So while Sharon was here I decided we would give it a try. (Sharon spent several years in Thailand.)   We used Chicken Pa Nang recipe from AllRecipes. com.   I had gotten the ingredients I don't normally have around the house like coconut milk and fish sauce.  We read several other curry recipes and proceeded to make our version of Chicken Pa Nang.
Our ingredients

Here we're stirring the mixture.  Sharon made some wonderful sticky Jasmine rice.  Because we didn't know how spicy the curry paste was we didn't get quite enough in.  

Here's the meal plated and served.  Yummy.  

Thanks Kevin and Aimee for bringing us the curry paste. 

Remember, I broke my camera so these photos are coming from my old (but new to me) iPhone.  Not bad for a telephone camera. 

If this isn't enough culinary effort I must share this gorgeous red velvet cake... 

Jennie, my next door neighbor, brought us a happy valentine's day cake. And, it is scrumptious!

Check out the tri colored swirls... pretty neat. She told me how to do it but I doubt I could get any swirls to look like that. 

Could you tell from the pictures above that we had already had some pieces?  It was as delicious as it looks!  

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day.  Pat and I went out to dinner but couldn't get into the little restaurant we had wanted to go to.  I guess we'll try next weekend.  (Of course, we did get out to dinner... Mexican which was yummy!) 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I'd say you did a bang-up job with your culinary efforts. It has been ages since I actually made a meal from scratch. I think it is past time to get out the cookbooks and pans.

  2. Mmmmmmmmm! You're making me hungry! :-)


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