Monday, February 20, 2012

Design Wall Monday 2-19-12

It's a bit late but here's what's up on... oops on the tea cart... 

These will become a little Hexagon quilt like one in Kathy Tracy's book.  (Sorry, don't remember which book...) These are my pick up work whenever I feel like working on them.  And, I'm getting much closer to finishing them... I've only got 3 more to do.  That could happen this month (or next month or ...)Go see other design walls at Patchwork Times.

Yesterday was a dull grey day and then it started snowing in the early afternoon.  And, right before Downton Abbey started the power went out.  NOOOOooo. Luckily I have an Itty Bitty Book Light so I wasn't without all light.  I could read for an hour or so in bed.

Two black dogs playing in the snow.  They came in soaking wet.  Heck, I was pretty darn wet just stepping out to take the picture.

We woke up to no power but at least the snow had quit. We finally decided to get up and do our regular work out at the Y cause they had power. 

Here's what we saw on the way. 

And, I was able to watch the season's finale of Downton Abbey. Such a lovely show... now I need to find the previous year's DVDs as I didn't start watching it until January or so.
I didn't do so well on last week's goals.  

Week of February 13, 2012
Back to working on the FCQ Equilter’s donation quilt, 5 blocks needed not touched
Finish quilting & bind NY Day Mystery Quilt Still quilting – very slowly…
Make snowman blocks oops…
Begin cutting for next Scrap Squad Quilt double oops
Take computer in for some clean up and check up
Work on the baby quilt Sharon made me start…lol

Week of February 20, 2012
Back to working on the FCQ Equilter’s donation quilt 5 blocks needed
Finish quilting & bind NY Day Mystery Quilt
Make snowman blocks
Begin cutting for next Scrap Squad
Add rest of borders to green and blue x blocks
Keep plugging away on the baby quilt
Go to Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show

Happy Quilting All!


  1. Wow, a Winter Wonderland overnight!

    I hope the roads weren't icy.

  2. Wow, we didn't get anything! I LOVE Downton Abbey. It's on on Thursday nights here as well as Sundays. Maybe you can see it later in the week. I'm actually watching it now as I type this, LOL. Gotta love the DVR.

  3. Beautiful snow pictures and love your blocks!

  4. We had just a dusting. Pretty amazing really since it's been so warm! :-)

  5. I do like the look of snow--I like the look of the ocean in July better :)
    I'm hoping to do a hexi quilt soon, as in the next year or two!! ha. I love your little blocks.

  6. Oh, the hexagon quilt it going to be wonderful!! Here in western NY we don't have ANY snow!

  7. Your snow looks so pretty and the dogs looked like they were enjoying it very much! Your hexagon blocks are gorgeous! :)

  8. Beautiful hexagons. Love the snow photos. Don't get much of that here in north central Texas.

  9. Your hexagons look so professional! We had a dusting of snow too, but then it's disappeared!

  10. Cute blocks, those hexies are one thing I just can't do. I love looking at them though.


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