Wednesday, March 11, 2015

15 Minute Studio Spiff Up #10

How did we get to #10 already?  True confession time here:  I'm still listing books and after they are all listed I'll reorganize them.  And, darn, I still have several stacks of fabric that I have not restacked yet.  But, let's move on.  This week's assignment is: 

Review your old patterns and recycle what you won't use 
and organize what you will use. 

I'm thinking of individual patterns you've purchased in the past.  I'm getting a bit better about not buying patterns I won't ever use.  But, then again, I already have a slew of patterns I will never make.  Here's what my before picture looks like. 

There's one and here's the other one. Really, these aren't too bad.  Maybe during the week I'll put all the clothing patterns together and keep the quilt patterns in one box.  I do have several patterns stored somewhere else that should join these.  We'll see if I do that or not! 

So, hunt down your patterns and get them organized!  Donate ones you hate or you'll never make.  Keep the rest and put them with like items.  

I've got a bunch of sewing/long arming stacking up even though I spent the weekend working on both.  I've also started a dress for one of my granddaughters.  But it's sleeveless and summer is a ways off still!  Let me know how you are doing!  And, take a look at your studio.  Is the cutting table still clear?  Is the sewing table easily usable?  Are your fabrics neat and ready for you to dive in and start (or finish a project?)  If yes, keep up the good work! 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I went through one big box last night (before I read your post!!) and culled most of them. Contacted a friend who belongs to my old guild and she'll take em, go through to see if anything she'll use then take the rest to guild. Just glad to get rid of some but have MANY more to go thru!!! UGH!

  2. Phew! I'm up to date. Patterns went in the Big clean. Cutting table? :( Tomorrow, as soon as I get 15 minutes! lol

  3. All of my patterns are in clear plastic sleeves stored in two binders. I don't have a lot of patterns, but it's a storage solution that has worked well for me.

  4. My patterns are fairly organized, but I must clear off the cutting board and passing station today. I know better than to leave the room with things scattered about.m

  5. I recently went through my patterns. Our guild's program this month was a member's yard sale. My Bee booked a table and I've been going through everything with an eye to really purge. I had a large tub filled with cast-off to sell. I was so excited to get it all out of the house. I woke up that morning to find that ice had cancelled schools all over the area and no school--no guild! Ugh! Its still here until June, when it is rescheduled. I had a great time and Midatlantic and bought too much, but I've already got it all put away and my tables are clear!

  6. Dress patterns -- I still have a copier-paper box of them. I keep thinking that the tissue would be great for crafts. Yeah, it would be. But not for crafts that I am going to make any time soon. Guess that box should be pitched.

  7. Great idea. I was just thinking yesterday that much of what we have already cleaned is stayng fairly good. Sometimes it takes a little clean up after a project, but when no project is happening, I am keeping the cutting table and pressing table cleared off.
    I have a pattern drawer that could use some help. Check it out

  8. Wow Bonnie - I see a LOT of beautiful, creative projects, AND ...a lot of NEAT! 8-)))

  9. I went through the drawer and passed some patterns. Check out my blog.


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