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Monday Meanderings 6 - 27-2022

 Welcome to the last week of June. On Friday, we'll be half way through 2022.  Does that shock you too? Time just keeps flying by.  The weather here is now mostly hot and humid which means it is great for quilting. My studio is in the basement so it feels wonderful to be down there where it is really cool.  And, bonus, my main sewing machine looks out of French doors and the outside.  Generally my room has a lot of light as long as it is sunny out. Needless to say, I love it down there.  I spent quite a bit of time down there this past week.  And look at what I achieved! 


✅Finish quilting June UFO -- Done using my domestic machine! 

✅Bind June UFO -- Finished on Sunday. 

✅Bind 2021’s RSC quilt Friendship Stars -- Done! 

Work on the Cupcake blocks -- All blocks are finished.

Here are the cupcake blocks ready to be sewn into a quilt top. These blocks are big.  I believe they are 13.5" finished.  I was able to use dies from my Accuquilt 9" cube to cut the fabrics.  I kept running out of fabric as I was making the blocks.  So other fabrics were introduced.  What do you think?  Do all these fabrics work together? My guess is some little person is going to love this when it is finished. Who doesn't like cupcakes?  

Yes, it's been a very good week. Between getting the above items finished I also was able to work on some individual blocks.  

Moving right ahead -- here's what I hope to get done this week.


Make backing for Cheese and Crackers quilt

Quilt and bind Cheese and Crackers

Finish making the dog toys

Make 3 more blocks for Irma 

Sew cupcakes block together 

For the first time in many weeks we aren't planning to go anywhere.  I translate that into more sewing time.  I'm hoping to get Cheese and Crackers completely finished by the end of June.  (I've been going a bit wild buying fabric in June -- mostly the backing for the C & C quilt.) So if I can finish one more quilt I'll be really happy and hopefully show some great fabric usage. 

Speaking of fabric usage here it is the end of June and I haven't listed my stash busting statistics for May. WHAT?  I forgot all about actually listing them here but I had actually figured it out.  Not the best but I did use more than I bought. Hopefully June will show much more fabric usage. 


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year


In or Out Year







More Norfolk photos. On our second day we spent the whole day learning about some of the US Navy history in Norfolk.  First we went to Hampton Roads Naval Museum.  From the water it is called Nauticus. It was full of exhibits on ships although not specifically US Navy ships. 
We didn't spend a whole lot of time in that part of the museum as we also wanted to visit the USS Wisconsin, a battleship docked next to the museum.  
The Wisconsin was launched December 7, 1943, exactly 2 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is huge. This picture was taken from the bow towards the stern of the ship. You can see the 6 forward guns. Notice the buildings to the right of the ship.  I think they are apartments or condominiums.  Would you like to have a view of this ship out your living room window?  

The Wisconsin served as a training ship after the Korean War.  She was dry-docked in 1958. But, that was not the end of the Wisconsin. She was recommissioned in late 1988 and many upgrades of the most advanced weaponry were installed.  She saw battle during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. She was decommissioned in the fall of 1991.  You can read more about her here. Pat and I spent quite a bit of time on the ship.  Three below decks, the main deck, and a couple of upper decks are open to the public. We walked through all of it! 

Stern of USS Wisconsin.

After our time on the battleship, we went through the section on US Naval history and ships.  We were running out of time and our feet were hurting so we left to find lunch before our afternoon activities.  More on Norfolk will be coming in the next few days. 

I'm linking up to my normal parties.  I hope you visit them and use them to surf the many quilting blogs people are sharing there. 
I'll be linking up with the other two parties once they are posted. (Hopefully I actually remembered to link up!) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I think the blocks from your 9 inch qube look great - I don't have that one I have the 12 and the 6 which I hope to put to some use with the quilt I am working on right now that will have multiple scrap borders.

  2. Those cupcake blocks are lovely, the colours look like 'cake' colours and work well together. I enjoyed reading about the Naval Museum visit, I can lose myself for hours in museums.

  3. That's some impressive photos. We dont see any naval ships around your churn dash is looking lovely and purple goes with everything.

  4. I like your cupcake blocks. The colours work well together even if there weren't exactly how you orginally planned them. I couldn't have known it didn't all go according to plan other than the fact you mentioned it.

  5. Wow you have been busy! Those cupcake blocks look amazing, someone will definitely love it.

  6. The cupcake blocks are so sweet (no pun intended) Interesting that the blocks with the dark rectangles look so different. I didn't see a churn dash block there until I took a second look. I love how fabric choices do that. Magical!

  7. An impressive ship! The size of the chain loops alone, gives a glimpse of the ship’s bulk. I bet retired navy personnel would love to have a ship outside their living room window, but not me. The cupcake blocks are adorable.

  8. Cupcakes look great! I agree with Bernie, I had to go back and look for the churn dash I know it is there but I can't make my eyes see it!!

  9. Love Cupcakes
    but!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the battleship photos!!! That is such cool history!

  10. Yes, those fabrics in the cupcake quilt absolutely work together. It looks great! Love the pics from Norfolk; I have visited there, but it’s been a few years.

  11. The cupcake locks are adorable, Bonnie! I really like the colors you used in the blocks - it's a fun combination. Your trip to Norfolk looks so interesting! My husband was in the Navy in the 70s and the guys he served with like to meet and visit places like that. In May we met everyone in Boston and toured the USS Constitution.

  12. Your QUBE did great! Yes I love all the fabrics and colors on your cupcake blocks. Cheese and crackers and cupcakes are making me hungry! How interesting about the battleship, and yes I would love living next to that view.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  13. I do like your cupcake blocks. They look so well planned out even though you had to go scrappy. Norfolk, what a great learning experience.

  14. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have never known that these fabric did not come as a kit, Bonnie. Yummy cupcakes blocks :-D


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