Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Knitting Show and Tell

At one stop on the way home from Maryland, Raggs decided he should drive. We were not amused. (ha!) We always try to stop at Brewster's for ice cream. If it is raining or snowing you get a second scoop free. And, Raggs loves the bowl of ice cream topped with a dog biscuit that he always gets. The best part is it is good ice cream!

Here's the little baby hoodie I made for the Kim's baby. It zips up the back. (and, the pattern doesn't call it a hoodie -- it's from 1981 or so!) I first made one of these for my son when we lived in California. It was so easy to unzip it from the back and pop him into it. And, we seldom needed anything heavier. Not so in Maryland. Hopefully Kim can use it for the first couple of months.

Not all that much quilting got done today. I missed half of the Wed. quilters as Pat and I had some things to do. I am close to finishing my third block from Bunny Hill Designs. (Which is actually the block for January . . . I am not doing these in order.) Tomorrow I am back to work on Sarah's quilt.

Happy Quilting All!


  1. Your hoodie is adorable. What a great idea to have a zipper no less in the back. Well Done!

  2. Great job on the hoodie.

    A free scoop on days with snow and rain? I'd be there in a flash. ;o)


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