Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quilting Nearly Done



Hold Ups

Sarah's quilt is on Ruthie. It started with me not being able to get the tension right. But in the end I realized the thread had come out of the tension disk.

Success got several passes done. Then, ran out of bobbin thread. Replace, tested -- bummer tension problems. Rant, raved, cleaned, oiled, changed. Finally realized thread had come out of a guide. Few more passes done.

Next day had more problems but I was better able to correct them. Ran out of bobbins that were wound just before a late dinner. Decided to hold off until tomorrow to finish -- probably 3 passes and then on to the binding.

One thing I know for sure I won't be using Signature 100% cotton thread again -- too much lint. I'm having to blow out the bobbin area after each bobbin. Bummer.

Sorry Bloggetts -- no pictures today but should have some tomorrow.

Happy Quilting

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