Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly Work Day

Pat and I decided to have a weekly work session to get some things done around the house. Here's today's progress.

This is a pretty big closet filled with boxes of books. We haven't had a bookcase to put them away cause at the last house a lot of bookcases were built in. Kevin to the rescue. He gave us this old bookcase
We made a "date" to work for 2 hours today. We got the bookcase filled. The second row down are my paperbacks... double layered. I'm going to start reading them again -- I'm sure I've forgotten the stories by now!

Third row down are children's books -- some from my grandparents, some from my parents, some of my kids and some from years of being a media specialist for elementary school.
The closet looks better but it still needs some work. Oh well. It's a start. Hum, now to figure out what to do next week.

I'm taking a break off my feet before I go back to finish the quilting on Sarah's quilt. Yehaw! Almost done.

Happy Quilting All!


  1. I love the idea of a "work date" around the house. I have a list of tasks to get done around here that I want my husband to help me with. I think I'll start a "work date" with him. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Great job on filling the book case.


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