Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Minimal Advances . . .

Meetings today took up all afternoon . . . Ok, lunch with Stephanie from Faithful Circle Quilters. She vacations up near where I live so we met last summer and then again today. We chat, have lunch and visit my local quilt store. Then I met with Jackie at A Stitch in Time.

Novel got me in the early morning . . . need I say more...

Midmorning I sewed . . . I have two or three rows together. Here are two sections of 2 rows. OOOHHH . . . I really like this A LOT! The blue is supposed to be the backing but see my dilema below!

Late afternoon . . . I prewashed the backing. UGH! This was 44" wide before I washed it. It is now 42 -1/2. Which means the widest it will be sewn together is maybe 85".

But wait there's more . . . I bought this at JoAnnes. It is a Heidi Grace (who the heck is she? I'm not familiar with her.)
And more . . . But the big pain is one of the seam allowances is 7/8" wide; actually on remeasuring it is 1" wide. Who needs to have an inch of seam allowance screaming that it is made for JoAnnes?

It was nearly the end of the bolt so there is no way I can get enough to do it up and down instead of cross wise. I'm thinking I am going to use part of this seam allowance in the darn seam!
I guess I will play with the borders again. Maybe I won't have enough of the borders to do what I wanted to anyway. I was going to make each of two borders about an inch bigger to make sure it covered the twin mattress well enough. I guess that won't be happening. And, I may have to sew leaders on the edges to be able to quilt all the way to the edges. I guess I won't worry about that until I get the top done which will never get done at the rate I am going!

And tonight I'll a) read my novel, b) sew, c) watch tv.

Who knows.... probably a but it could be b.

Happy Quilting All!


  1. Maybe make a column of "bricks or bars" of your leftovers from the quilt and sew that to the edge to make it the size you need it. I often do that or split the backing in half and make something down the back to go in between the two pieces. It will look like you meant it that way.
    I love your blog and always read but even more so because of YOUR DOG...love that dog!!!

  2. Your day sounds great! Your choices are all wonderful. Nice quilt, happy reading and you had lunch with a friend. Life is good.

  3. The quilt is progressing nicely. I like it!

  4. Aren't these FUN blocks to sew?!? I have been working on a Sixties quilt too and really enjoying it. I had to put it away to finish a couple of other things, but I'll get back to it in September. i think I'll do the honeycomb setting.
    Your quilt looks so fresh and pretty!


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