Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sneak Peak of Sarah's Quilt

Ok, I can't stand it -- here are a few pictures of Sarah's Quilt. I love it. I don't want to send it to college. I want to keep it. Sniff.... next Wednesday or Thursday it goes to college though cause Sarah is there now.

Sigh. It was a big hit at quilt guild last night. And, I'm almost done with the binding ... less than 1 side to do.

I'll take more pictures tomorrow that will show
the whole thing. Or as much as I can get when I pin it to the stair railing. And, I'll show the label incorporated into the backing. And the pillow case to store the quilt in. I am busting fabric with this gem.

Today I put a couple of pieces of OLD fabric on Ruthie and just practiced. I figured out I can use a long basting stitch to sew fabs to my zippers. I think it will come out pretty easily. I had an overall free motion plan for my next quilt. Um, er, my practice was ok but I need more. So will work some more on it tomorrow and then get the next quilt on Ruthie. I want another finish this month so I can really bust some stash this month. I WILL use more than I bought in August. Check back on September 1 -- I will succeed on this!

Now it is off to the library for my volunteer time. I think I'll bring a long sleeve shirt with me as it hasn't gotten beyond the low 70's and NO humidity! Yes!

Happy quilting all!


  1. Sarah's Quilt is lovely. Her friends are going to be jealous.

  2. I hear you about finally having to send the quilt to college. My son did not get his until Thanksgiving, but it really helped me through the transition. TTYS Amy Wood

  3. Oh, that is gorgeous! What a great mom you are!!

  4. Umm, gang, this is for our godchild...both our children are long past college! (Bonnie's husband.)

  5. Actually, she's our godson's sister but close friends no matter what!

  6. We can't keep them all Bonnie! Lovely!


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