Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sewing Progress With Lots of Distractions

Here's a new photo of Mr. Raggs. Wow, you can actually see his brown eyes in this picture! He was hanging with his buddies, Cassie and Kona at the local park. Thanks to all who have said how much they enjoy Raggs' antics. He thought seriously of taking a strip of border fabric today, but he decided to be well behaved instead!

The hexagon top is pieced sans borders. (Heck, I had to get it all together DS Kevin and DS-I-L Brian arrived Thursday night. I had it laid out on Kevin's bed!) I've got the first border ready to put on tomorrow.

Did my volunteer time at the local public library. Ooops -- the computer system went down -- what a pain that is when you can't check the books out electronically!

Attended a community meeting -- not terribly interesting but we continue to go -- snore-- advantage is I usually bring some knitting and get a couple of inches done every meeting.

Friday was a play day. We went to Promise Land State Park with kayaks,a single skull, Cassie, Kona and Raggs (the dogs), Pat, Brian and Kevin (the boys) and me.

Here's Pat and Raggs coming in from a paddle. Raggs sat quietly and enjoyed the trip. And, there's Pat in his single skull. (Pat, is that the right name???)

Cassie, Kevin's dog, LOVES Promise Land. She will chase a ball into the lake all afternoon. She's a very sweet dog and kids just love to throw the ball for her. She's a bit too fast for me to get all of her in the picture! Sorry Kona, I didn't get your picture too. I'll get one before you leave tomorrow!

The boys and dogs go home tomorrow so things will settle back down.(Reading between the lines, get boring!) Raggs will catch up on his sleep the next few days. I'll get Sarah's quilt top finished and prep the backing so I can quilt it. Oh yes, I turned Ruthie on today and quilted a charity quilt. Brian tried it too -- did two rows with stipple and freehand flowers. I am happy to report that my flowers look better than his. (boy, would I be in trouble if they didn't!) I need to keep something on Ruthie all the time so that I practice every day.

Happy Quilting All!


  1. Bon, that is single scull....the oars are called sculls.

    Non rowing people! Tch.

  2. What a great weekend you've had. Distractions every now and then are good for the soul. :o)


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